BMW Painted Parts: The Benefits of Installing Painted Keyhole Cover

BMW owners get almost everything they need when it comes to great modifications. For BMW models that do not have a keyhole cover, they can also have this modify and replace their old keyhole with one that has a cover. So what are the benefits of installing a painted keyhole cover to the car? Most BMW is already equipped with key-less entry or remote control lock and for many car enthusiasts the key hole may look something unattractive and odd to the appearance of a great looking vehicle. This is where your painted keyhole cover comes to the rescue.

Prevent potential break-ins in style with BMW painted keyhole cover.

This simple modification will help in designing a perfect door appearance without that odd keyhole appearance. If you do not want to see this on your car, then this is the perfect solution for you. This keyhole cover may be small and some may think that this is not as important as your other modifications. However, this small item can change the overall appearance of your car and make your BMW classier, newer, and elegant looking.

Another benefit of this modification is that it truly secures your elegant car. Low-security locking device on the door are easy target for car thieves. Adding painted body colored keyhole cover not only provides a clean look but also prevents future break-ins.

So how do you install the painted keyhole cover? Actually, they are really easy to install. You may just need to ten minutes of your time to actually finish the job and you will have your keyhole, covered. All you will need is a flathead screw driver, an Allen Wrench, and long nose pliers. So once you have opened the main door of your car, use a flathead screw driver to remove the rubber grommet that is just on the side of the door. Used the Allen wrench to unbolt the keyhole cover from the lower part hole.

Now this is an important reminder for those who will do this: Be careful NOT to drop the hex bolt that is inside the door! If you mistakenly drop this, you will for sure need more than 10 minutes to finish this job! After that, try to wiggle out the old keyhole and locking mechanism. This may take a couple of minutes, but other than that, this process is easy. Take the keyhole cover and wiggle it still. After taking the OEM cover, you can now put the new BMW painted keyhole cover. Just carefully align the new cover and make sure that the bolt is still in place. Once back in place, cover it again with the rubber grommet, and that is it!


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