BMW Modifications – Looking For Some Nice Mods For Your BMW?

Modifying some parts of your BMW brings more pleasure not only to the you but also to those who ride and see your car. There are many aftermarket parts for BMW modifications. Most car enthusiasts modify their prized vehicle because they want to stand out from the crowd. If you really take  there are BMW parts and accessories for your maintenance and modification projects. Here are some of the popular mods that you can do to your car.

Wheels and Rims

A new set of wheels is one of the most common modifications. Standard factory BMW wheels are designed to look sporty however are normally large. These aftermarket wheels are perfect substitute to sporty factory design wheels and they look a lot better than the stock. Updating your wheels will not change the overall look, but also enhance handling. It provides more powerful, lighter steering wheel, and the reduced weight for the BMW will enhance its speed. Updating your BMW tires is just one of the best BMW modifications available out there.

Top end aftermarket BMW wheels such as ADV, DPE, HRE and Vorsteiner offers great wheels and rims that are truly eye catching. Updating your wheels will obviously do a stunning change to your elegant car.

Suspension Parts

BMWs have good suspension system, but many BMW owners are making suspension upgrade in order to gain superior performance. Coilovers make a great suspension enhancement that will allow flexibility and customization. Many BMW owners find adjustable suspension really cool. You can find high quality and inexpensive suspension mods that will enhance your car’s overall performance.

Body Kits

BMWs are known for its elegant style. In spite of its beauty, passionate BMW owners want to make it look much more beautiful. Adding BMW body kit is another option that can greatly change the look of your car. There are several carbon fiber components that can enhance your BMW’s design. These components could add or reduce weight and improve the not only the visual appeal but also the running performance. If you have E92, you may want to consider getting a Vorsteiner E92 Aero Bootlid to reduce pounds and enhance down force. Also, top class carbon fiber hood looks great on BMWs.

If you are looking for a distinctive bumper finish, you can find stylish aftermarket BMW bumpers. The sporty design of high quality aftermarket bumpers will definitely add beauty that will complement the original and elegant design of your BMW.

Xenon Headlights

Updating the BMW headlights is another mod that many drivers and enthusiasts love to take. New BMWs are loaded with xenon headlights. If you want this to your BMW, you can enhance the color with D1S HID Xenon Light Kit in 6,000k or even 8,000k. You can replace those old headlights with the latest Xenon headlights for better illumination and clearer road vision. You may also opt to match this with Xenon interior lighting package.

If you are looking for more than just a comfortable ride, get quality accessories and BMW modifications. These are just some of the popular mods for your BMW. For sure, there are other mods you know. You can share them here in our comment box.


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