BMW Lights – Get the Best Bulbs That Will Truly Highlight the Beauty of Clear Turn Signal Indicators

One of the best ways to enhance your BMW lights is to replace your stock corner lights and side markers with clear ones. Going clear with your side indicators create a striking look. Many modified BMWs look great with clear corner lights. However, some of those who swapped their stock corner lights for clear corners forgot to do something that will really unleash the beauty of clear corner lights. Upgrading your turn signal indicators is not going to be complete without getting the best bulbs that will really highlight its beauty.

Getting the right bulbs for your clear corner lights and side markers will make a big difference.

To see the best of your clear corner lights, you have to replace the factory amber colored bulbs with chrome bulbs. Perhaps one of the reasons you opt for clear corner lights and side markets is to eliminate that egg-yolk effect from all your turn signal indicators and make a very neat look. Well, that will not be complete if you keep those factory amber colored bulbs installed in your clear signal indicators as they will show hint of egg-yolk effect. You will only achieve a complete neat look on your clear turn signal indicators when you use chrome bulbs.

The mirror-like chrome bulbs look almost invisible when off, and blink amber or pure white when activated. Installing chrome bulbs in your corner lights and side markers will create a flawless and special look that will surely get a lot of attention. For sure the vivid light output of high quality chrome bulbs will get you more attention than the factory amber colored bulbs, simply because most drivers are not used to seeing vivid turn signal lights.

Are they going to fit your BMW?  They should because these chrome bulbs are designed to fit almost any vehicle. If you want to make sure that they will perfectly fit your car, you can take a look at your owner’s manual for the right part numbers. You may also check the website of BMW parts dealers for the bulb guide or specific details on chrome concealment bulbs.

Replacing the amber bulbs with chrome ones is a quick and easy light modification, but it looks really awesome. Just make sure that you get high quality chrome bulbs for your turn signal indicators and not the cheap imitations. Swap out all the factory amber colored bulbs in your clear corner lights and side markers and see the big difference. Indeed, chrome bulbs make your car look brilliant.


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