BMW Corner Lights: Update Your Corner Lights With Clear/Smoked Corners or LCI Style LED Corners

Corner lights are not just made to accessorize, but they are designed to avoid unnecessary accidents on the road. Lighting is a standard requirement for any vehicle and there are specific regulation car manufacturers must obey before they can make their lighting. BMW corner lights comes in a large variety of colored lenses, shapes, and sizes depending on the make, model and even class of your vehicle. These days, LCI style led corners are becoming very popular because they offer car owners more powerful bulbs while still providing great style.

Whether you are going to choose clear or smoked corners both of these choices will just enhance your vehicle’s lighting. Updating your corner lenses  will allow you get rid of that ugly orange egg yolk look on your vehicle. Some car owners may think that these updated BMW corner lights are not street legal because it does not have that egg yolk color. However, when you purchase from a reliable online website, they will mostly indicate that their products are DOT approved and their bulbs still have that amber light so that their corner lights can be legal.

Your clear/smoked corners or LCI style LED corners still have that amber lights since they did not change the style of the light. Manufacturers of such corner lights made sure that they will disguise their new lenses so the orange egg yolk will not show up. The solution for this is that they add chrome coated silver bulbs for these clear/smoked corners or LCI style LED corners to keep your vehicle safe and at the same time legal to drive on the road since it will still have amber lights when it is used while it will not be visible when not used.

Since you have the option when customizing your vehicle, your choice is to better understand those options. Clear corner lights are also called Euro clear style that will allow your car to have more of that continental look. Smoked corners or LCI style LED corners contains that tinted style to your lenses. This means that your lens will have a black coat on the lens, which would allow the onlookers to just see that smoke style while not being able to see the inside of the lenses.

Both type of corner lights are popular upgrades and replacement since it can change the appearance of the vehicle and make it even look fancier. These stylish BMW corner lights are definitely a must have for those in the modded world.


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