BMW Accessories: No Holes License Plate Holder & Remote Powered License Plate Holder

Do you have a new front bumper and do not want to drill holes through it? Do you want a stylish, unobtrusive license plate holder that looks better than the stock? If so, get a no holes license plate holder. This accessory is mostly common with high end cars. The no holes license plate holder provides a sense of style that complements to an elegant car. This is a great alternative to the bulky stock OEM license plate holder and one of the cool BMW accessories you should install to your prized car.

This No Holes License Plate Bracket is installed into the existing tow hook hole.

There may be some instances that you do not want your license plate displayed. Let’s say your car is listed in a car show or displayed in a show room, you do not want to have your license plate displayed in such events. You can remove the plate easily, but if you do not want to do the process again and again maybe you should get a remote powered license plate holder.

This option provides you an easy way to hide your license plate to give your car that ultimate style. This would mostly match you if you love the speed and you love to show off your car. It will also give your bumper the chance to shine as it could also imply that your car just came out from the factory since no one would be able to see your license plate right away.

But of course, the purpose of these BMW accessories is not to hide your license plate because as said, driving without a license plate is illegal and may even cause for cops to stop you when driving. The main purpose of this is to just accessorize your car and to cover it in places where it is not needed and to put it back once again when driving.

Using this retractable license plate holder is easy because it is remote control operated; you will have the option of having your license plate covered or open in just one click. So once you are on the road, you can have your license plate up while still just on the first gear. No harm would be done and you will still be driving comfortably with no worries. And because these license plate holders do not have holes on it, your bumper and your license plate holder will both look clean and neat. Over all, such no holes license plate holder & remote powered license plate holder gives that ultimate advantage that makes your car looks slick, sporty and stylish.

So if you are an enthusiast who loves the basic clean lines of your BMW, the no holes license plate holder and remote powered license plate holder are exactly the BMW accessories you need.


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