BMW Modifications – Looking For Some Nice Mods For Your BMW?

bmw modifications

Modifying some parts of your BMW brings more pleasure not only to the you but also to those who ride and see your car. There are many aftermarket parts for BMW modifications. Most car enthusiasts modify their prized vehicle because they want to stand out from the crowd. If you really take  there are BMW parts [...]

E39 Fog Lights – Upgrade Your Dull Current Setup To Cool Aftermarket Fog Lights

BMW fog lights

The use of fog lights to cars is important so that it can help the headlight in improving the visibility of the driver especially in poor foggy or extreme weather conditions. They are usually placed on the front vehicle and is located beneath the headlights. Fog lights are not the same as headlamps because these [...]

Add Aftermarket BMW Bumpers For Your Maintenance or Modification Project

bmw.dres-02 front

The front end of your BMW is one section of your car that has a lot possible modifications. One of the most popular front end modification many BMW owners do is the headlights upgrade. They sure make a big difference when you go for better headlights. How about the front bumpers? For those who are [...]

BMW Lights: Brighten Up Your BMW Interior With LED Luggage Compartment & Footwell Lamps


Light is always important. It would be difficult for us to see especially at night if we do not have proper lighting especially in a dark place. So how about your BMW lights? How have you upgraded your car’s lighting? It you are just satisfied with how you got your car and the lights it [...]

BMW Accessories – Enhance The Look Of Your Elegant Car With BMW Accessories

bmw accessories

You love your BMW and you will always will. But there comes a time that you feel tired of seeing the same look from your prized vehicle. It may still look good, but you want it to look different and better. One way to do changes in your car’s aesthetic appeal is by adding new [...]

Bring Out Your BMW Wheels Even More With Caliper Covers

caliper covers

Not so long ago, mechanical components found in larger diameter wheels are made hidden. This is because they are mostly found rusty and dirty thus it would not look good even for a shiny car. What we are referring to are the caliper covers that are making wheels to look far better. With the right color and [...]

Aluminum Pedals and Footrest Will Give Your BMW A Nice Pedal Mod

aluminum pedals and footrest

Car pedals have gone a long way. They started the same time as when cars were invented and they have gone through extensive changes and modification just like how cars are being modified. For instance, footrest were not even common back in the days, but because automatic cars made driving easier, the left foot was [...]

BMW Short Shifter Kit – Feel the Power and Satisfaction of Short Stick Shift

short shifter kit

For sports and car enthusiasts, seconds really matters. Even a millisecond may result to winning or losing. With this in mind, most of these car enthusiasts consider upgrading even their shift knobs and what better way to improve the car is by choosing a short shifter kit. This modification is mostly common for manual transmission vehicles  by [...]

BMW E46 Parts and Accessories – Keep Your E46 in Style and Top Level Performance with New Parts and Accessories

bmw e46 parts and accessories

For the past 30 years, BMW has manufactured some of the greatest cars in the market today. They have never failed to give their customers the best deal for their cars. Different models for different taste and style of people who want to own one. And one of the outstanding BMW series they have made is the [...]

BMW Replacement Fog Lights: White or Yellow Fog Lights?


In coastal areas, fog is a real problem. If you live in foggy land areas then you have to make sure that your fog lights are working. Since fog lights are located just a few inches from the ground, they may become blurred or cracked and damaged. When your BMW fog lights are no longer [...]