Short Shifter Kit – Why Settle For Long Throws When You Can Do It Faster and More Fluidly With A Short Shifter Kit?

There are many different upgrades you can do to your BMW interior. One of the satisfying interior upgrades you can do is replacing the stock shifter mechanism with performance short shifter kit. The shifter mechanism connects the driver’s hand to gearbox so it is one of the parts in your car that you interact with every time you drive. If you want to enhance something in the interior, getting performance short shifter is the best interior mod you will ever have.

Get BMW performance short shifter kit for your shifter upgrade.

With great amount of research and development on short shifter technology, you can easily find affordable and factory like short shifter kits. These units are even available for late BMW models. So why go for shifter upgrade? If you are a real driving enthusiast, take note of the benefits of installing performance BMW short shifter kit:

  • Eliminate long throws. Replacing the factory shifter with performance short shifter reduces seconds off the time spent when shifting to the next gear. This means reduced shifter throws between gears on a manual transmission. The throw is reduced around 40 to 50 percent so the shifting force becomes more comfortable with performance short shifter.
  • Performance short shifters provide a more precise and direct feel. Shifter upgrade makes it easy for the driver to maneuver the gears faster and more fluidly. Installing performance short shifter will dramatically improve your overall driving experience.
  • No awkward look. Replacing your existing shifter with performance short shifter is a nice interior upgrade. Short shifters are available in different designs that will surely enhance the beauty of your car’s interior.
  • Easy to install. Replacing the factory shifter is very simple. Since all the work is done from inside the vehicle, you will not have to jack your car up and crawl underneath. You will only need some basic hand tools and the hex keys (included in the kit).

Some people think that using a short shifter kit can cause damage to the gearbox. This is absolutely not true. These bad stories about the damaging effect of a short shifter to the gearbox are more likely stories of sloppy drivers. Of course, if the driver shifts hard and fast or do not have proper timing on the clutch, expect the synchros to wear out faster no matter what kind of shifter he use.

So if you are looking for your first interior mod or just want to add something new for your BMW, you are making the right decision when you replace your factory shifter with performance short shifter. Performance short shifter kits are the best performance parts you can add to your BMW. Get performance short shifter kit for your shifter upgrade now!


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