Forced Induction Kits – Catapult Your BMW Into The Big League With Forced Induction Kits

Want to be the king of the road? Today the key aspect in all categories of performance motor is forced induction. It is an important performance upgrade from drag racing to circuit racing. Forced induction kits are designed to make huge performance upgrade across the board. For real driving enthusiasts looking to extract massive engine power from their ultimate driving machine, adding forced induction components will provide that scintillating performance.

Forced induction is the way auto industry is going and BMW is no exception.

Supercharging and turbocharging are the two methods of achieving forced induction. Forced induction engines use air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber to boost manifest pressure and create a denser air and fuel mixture to create more power and improve acceleration. It is important that you know about forced induction kits to know the right forced induction device for you.

The two methods of accomplishing forced induction use very similar principle. The turbocharger and supercharger use compressor or blower to boost the total pressure of gasses the goes into the cold side flow path of the combustion chamber. This intensification in pressure produces a more compressed air and fuel mixture, thereby pushing the piston to generate a more powerful stroke. The higher density of mixture produced by forced induction devices creates a smaller displacement engine in the same level of energy output of a naturally aspirated, larger displacement engine.

So how do they work? The turbo unit works by using exhaust gases to compress the intake and the supercharger mechanically converts the engines rotational power to produce the same result.

Since both forced induction systems are designed to achieve huge performance gains, which forced induction device should you choose, turbocharger or supercharger? Well, that depends on your overall goals and that include the level of installation and budget for this performance upgrade. You can actually find quality  forced induction kits for your BMW without draining your bank account.

If you ask enthusiasts about their preferred forced induction method, you will get different answers. There are those who like the turbo units and there are others who are supercharger fans. But here’s a hint, if you are looking to extract the maximum power out of a certain displacement, turbo units get the upper hand.

Squeezing more engine power from your ultimate driving machine will make you a proud BMW owner. So if you really want to be the top dog on the road, adding instant engine power and low-end turning force by forced induction will catapult your ultimate driving machine into the big leagues.


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