E90 Headlights Upgrade: Are You Up For A Set Of Elegant E90 Headlights?

The BMW E90 is the highest selling model of BMW and is mostly popular in the US and Canada. The E90 can be easily modified to respond to the drivers needs. There is a wide range of performance levels parts for E90 vehicles. Although this is really a superb vehicle, a lot of its owners are still not contented with just their OEM parts. What is the fun of having a great car such as a BMW E90 if you are not going to do any upgrades? Well, this is where the most common upgrade for BMWs come in, upgrading you E90 headlights.

Here’s a nice look of Xenon HID Headlights in daytime.

So what are the benefits of installing new headlights to your BMW E90? Installing new BMW headlights on your vehicle is always a great idea especially if you find the right set since there are different types of headlights to choose from. Your factory headlights come with halogen bulbs so changing them to Xenon HID headlights can greatly increase the intensity of your lights.

What is the difference between halogen bulbs and HID headlights? Well, halogen bulbs also provide really bright front lights and they are the improved version of the incandescent light. However, HID headlights are three times brighter that your ordinary halogen bulbs that is why they are considered the standard parts of many expensive cars today.

High intensity discharge lamps provide that elegant front lights with the combination of gas and metal salts to create the intense light. The lamp shape is similar to an arc shape that creates the electrical arc forms connecting two tungsten poles. After that, the gas will allow the arc to run and the metal salts will decide the brightness level. With the use of HID headlights, your car will also not have to worry if the lights will expire on them quicker since they work a lot longer than halogen and consume less energy.

Your choice for E90 Headlights when it comes to HID headlights comes in different color variations. There are different color temperatures that will let you have the color you want for your front lights. You can have anything from white to blue or even purple. For your spectrum choices you can choose from 4300k, 5000k, 6000k, 8000k, 10000k to 12000k.

Updating your  E90 Headlights with xenon HID headlights will put a smile in your face knowing that your front lights produce much brighter light far different from your old halogen lights. Mod your BMW E90 with a new set of elegant headlights now!


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