E46 Corner Lenses: Give Your E46 a Distinctive Special Look By Updating Your E46 Corner Lenses

Your BMW E46 has different lighting system, which consists of lighting and different signaling devices placed on the exterior and interior parts of your vehicle. These different lighting have different jobs to fill. Your headlights play an important role to your vehicle as well as your E46 corner lenses. Corner lenses should also be given your attention especially if its need replacement or if it is already broken. However this is not the only time when you should give priority to your corner lenses since you can upgrade it anytime you want it.

You’ll agree that updating your E46 corner lenses will give your car a special look.

If your E46 corner lenses already need replacement, this can be a great opportunity to customize them. Your corner lenses will provide your BMW with some extra lateral light in the direction where you are turning. They can also boost your front lights for safety too. You can buy them in pairs, one for the left side of the vehicle and the other one is for the right side. Corner lenses are not also expensive so this can be an easy customization. Search the internet and you can find great deals on corner lenses. But if you are purchasing corner lenses that is part of the headlight assembly, then of course they will cost more.

Your corner lenses also function as plain running lights at the same time they work as reflectors. With the right use and choice of corner lenses, you will be able to enhance your car’s look into being more elegant and stylish. Though corner lenses will not affect the speed of your car, but they can add to give your vehicle that great appearance. As said, your corner lenses have their primary function and that is to signal on by lighting up while you are turning the vehicle at respective direction. This way other vehicles will become aware of the direction of your turn.

For your corner lenses, you can easily find them in smoked corner, clear corner chrome housing, clear corner euro black housing, LED clear corner, clear amber LED corner lights, clear white LED corner light, LED smoked corner lenses, smoke amber LED co0rner lenses, and so much more. Your choices will depend on the style you want to achieve for your elegant car. And because they come in different makes of the lights, they also come in different styles too. Make sure that your E46 corner lenses is DOT approved and is allowed in the state where you are in.


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