E39 Fog Lights: Things to Consider When Shopping For E39 Fog Lights

Lighting plays an important role when it comes to driving and especially during extreme weather conditions. There are different lighting used in the exterior of your E39. Headlights are known to be the most important light for any vehicle. However, car owners should not forget the importance of fog lights. Your E39 already has fog lights, but this should not be a reason why you should not modify it when you want it. In fact, there are so many designs for E39 fog lights available for your car model that would allow you to choose the design of your choice.

Your E39 already has fog lights, but this should not be a reason why you should not modify it when you want it.

So what type of E39 fog lights should you look for? It is a bit disappointing to know that there are some fog lights available in the market that are unfortunately a hazard to motorist since they sometimes produce very dim light that just do little to improve road visibility. There are other fog lights that are too bright, which could also be advantageous to the driver, but may cause problems to other drivers since the light may create too much glare that can affect other road users. Other fog lights have erratic beam patterns that create too narrow lights that just give very little effect to improve the car visibility. Fog lights that also have insufficient cut-off can cause problems to motorists.

When choosing the right BMW E39 fog lights, it is essential to find prominent parts for these lights to ensure your safety and those road users around you. Quality fog lights for E39 should create wide beams of light that have sharp cutoffs that will make the light illuminate the bottom and the sides of the road. Your fog lights should also produce enough light for wider visibility to ongoing motorists especially during bad weather conditions, but without endangering or giving inconvenience to the other motorists.

For your BMW E39 fog lights, make sure that they are OEM fit, DOT, SAE approved, made of high quality plastic lenses, and should be sold in pairs. You also have option of choosing LED or halo projector fog lights. Make sure that you get them from a reputable aftermarket company to just get quality of fog lights your vehicle deserves. Make sure that you also do enough research on your options and the product you are choosing and be cautious about your color options since this can greatly affect the visibility of your lights.


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