BMW Interior Upgrades: Get The Best Quality Custom Shift Boot and Handbrake Boot For Your BMW

Are you a looking to enhance the interior of your BMW? There are many ways to enhance the beauty of your BMW interior, and one of the easy ways to do that is to upgrade the stock shift boot and handbrake boot. Enhance the interior of your BMW with custom shift boot and handbrake boot.

These boots are cool interior upgrade especially if your shift boot and handbrake boot have seen better days. Custom shift boot and handbrake boot will not only improve the interior of your BMW, but also allow you to add the finishing touch to your unique interior.

E36 M3 Black Alcantara Shift Boot

The elegant Alcantara shift boot and handbrake boot you can get is one of the best quality boot upgrade. Its unique physical properties make it a very interesting solution to the car interior. With various boots and stitch car combinations, they are definitely a great addition to your custom interior.

What’s good about these boots is that they are not factory made. These boots are not factory made so you can have them customized. They are made or prepared by hand in Europe, so you can have them in the color and material that you want. You can customize the thread color and material of these boots to bring you the best complement to the overall interior of your BMW.

Another thing that makes these boots an easy choice for interior upgrade is its easy and simple installation. These boots can be installed by just about anyone. You do not need special tools to install these boots. You can replace your stock boots with common household tools. Your stock boots use a zip tie on top and have customized plastic frame with clips on the bottom. Simply attach the new boot to the original plastic frame and put a little dab of gel type superglue to secure it to the frame.

These boots can fit to any BMW model and transmission type, but make sure that you look at the list of available designs to get the right boots for your BMW model. Whether you are upgrading, customizing or replacing your stock shift boot and ebrake boot, you can find the right one to match your style and custom interior. Add the sporty look of genuine Alcantara into the interior of your BMW then these custom Alcantara shift boots and handbrake boots.

Custom shift boot and handbrake boot will complete your BMW interior with style and grace. These boots are definitely good for replacing worn or damaged boots.


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