BMW Grilles: Gloss Black or Matte Black Grilles?

Are you looking to replace your blemished chrome BMW grilles with black kidney grilles? Many BMW owners switched to black kidney grilles because they look so much better than the chrome. Interestingly, there is some discussion and debate on which black kidney grilles to get, gloss black or matte black grilles?

For those who have switched to black kidney grilles, many like the matte black kidney grilles much better. They find it to be an excellent replacement to chrome. Matte black and gloss black look great, but many lean towards matte black.  You should consider the color and theme of the vehicle when looking for front grille replacement, but for sure matte black grilles look great on BMWs.

BMW matte black grilles always look great on BMWs.

Make sure that you get high quality front grilles when shopping for matte black BMW grilles because there are many imitations out there. Some blacked-out grilles have that shiny finish that displays a cheap look and feel. They just do not look right in an elegant car.

Unlike those cheap imitations, high quality BMW grilles are made from high quality impact resistant material, durable, chip resistant and perfect OEM fit. High quality matte black grilles feature excellent finish just like genuine BMW parts.

Some people just paint the chrome black to achieve that blacked-out look. The problem with this method is that paint will not stick well to chromed grilles so eventually it will chip and fade. It is best to have matte black BMW grilles that have never been chromed.

Installing BMW front grilles is an easy and fun do-it-yourself project. Installation is simple, if you can open your hood. The process is simple, just remove the original grille and pop the new piece right in. That’s it. You do not need special tools to remove and install the grilles. If you feel it would be a lot easier if you can see how BMW grilles are installed, watch the video above.

Replacing the stock front grilles is one good mod you can do to your prized BMW. It is also one of the best ways to enhance the front end of any BMWs. Matte black grilles will give your BMW a dramatic front end makeover at a good price. So if you are not sure which black kidney grilles to get, take a look at a pair of matte black BMW grillesfrom the vender that you trust and see why many BMW enthusiasts go for these grilles.


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