BMW E53 Parts Will Make Your Elegant SUV The Top Dog

So what can you do with your BMW E53? Well, there are really a lot of modifications that you can do for this mid-size crossover SUV. You can focus upgrading its performance parts to make your vehicle run faster, change some of its suspension parts to make your driving experience more reliable and safer, change some of the exterior parts such as the wheels and lights to make it look unique, but at the same time dependable. BMW E53 parts will make your elegant SUV the top dog.

Make your BMW E53 a much better road trip vehicle.

This SUV or SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) was designed as a sporting road car and a lot of the concept for this car was made during the time when BMW still owned Land Rover. They started production of this vehicle during 1999 and in 2003 this model was given a face lift with new headlights, car exterior and so on. So what BMW E53 parts can you focus on since there are a lot that you can do for this vehicle? Here are just some parts that you can also consider in changing or upgrading.

The BMW E53 is also known to have a flexible electronics design, which can all be easily upgraded with the use of the latest technology. Your electronic system consists of a radio function, navigation system, television and telecommunications system. Other great additions to your BMW E53 include BMW iPod and IPhone integration, BMW satellite radio, BMW Bluetooth kit, BMW speaker pairs, sub-woofer systems, amplifiers, and the like.

Other BMW E53 parts that you can also think about is the hood of your SAV. If you are aiming to have your vehicle to be lighter as you mostly use it as a sporting road car, carbon fiber hoods can help the car to be lighter and more responsive as it removes the overall weight of the vehicle. Carbon fiber hoods are created to reduce unsprung weight as compared with the aluminum or steel parts.  And, most carbon fiber hoods has vents that allow heat transfer under track to cool the engine system.

Wheels are also a good upgrade since you have the opportunity to customize it. Forged wheels can help in minimizing weight while still providing a stylistic upgrade to your SAV. Manufacturers such as DPE, Vorsteiner, HRE and ADV.1 are just some of the most popular manufacturers when it comes to customizing forged wheels. This can be one of the most important BMW E53 parts that you can do for your vehicle thus making it stand out even more.

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