BMW E39 Parts – Adding Instantaneous Character To Your E39 by Adding BMW E39 Parts

Having a BMW E39 for a car would mean that you are also searching for BMW E39 parts for it. Just for extra precaution since you want to maintain the quality of your vehicle as how it should be. There are various parts that you could put on your E39. You can focus on improving on one part, and then focus on the next task after you are done with the first one. At this stage your vehicle may also require performance parts and suspension parts to help in maintaining the quality of driving. However, if your E39 is well maintained, you can focus parts that will make your vehicle look even more stunning.

OE style carbon fiber hood on BMW E39

Here are some BMW E39 parts that you can check on:

  • Carbon fiber hoods. Carbon fiber is considered one of the strongest materials available today and is also one of the most lightweight that makes it easier to handle. They are also coated with UV protection that will prevent that will further protect it from the sun, rain, ice and snow. Installing carbon fiber hoods will also give your car that extra unique look as most carbon fiber hoods come in different designs and you can even customize your own hood to your specifications if you want. They can also be found in different grades according to how you are going to use your E39.
  • Xenon lights. Upgrading your headlights can also make a difference when changing some of your BMW E39 parts. Xenon lights in particular are three times brighter than halogen bulbs. If you mostly travel at night, you know that it is difficult to drive without proper lighting. Using a typical halogen headlight may not provide enough light output to let you see clearly at night. With the use of Xenon lights, you will be able to see a big difference as they closely mimic the color temperature of natural daylight that will allow their bulbs to be brighter. These lights can significantly reduce glaring while providing you with more road visibility.
  • Grilles. A practical cover that provides a cosmetic appearance is your BMW grilles. Grilles can also be identified as a logo of the type of car you are driving since your BMW has its own unique style that is different from other car brands out there. In fact, people can easily identify a car even from afar just by looking at its grilles. Installing new BMW grilles to your BMW E39 will create a beautiful, sporty look that will automatically catch onlookers.

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