BMW E36 Fog Lights – Your Car Will Look Great With New Fog Lights

There is nothing more disturbing than driving through heavy fog, heavy rain or even snow and your vision is not that reliable especially when your fog light is old and needs replacements. This is enough to scare any driver at night and may inevitably lead for the driver to slow down or even stop in fear of encountering an accident. Good that you have BMW E36 fog lights, all you will have to do is to maintain or replace when needed. Some however, may ignore the simple use of fog lights and may not even consider upgrading them just because they already have a reliable headlight that generates a lot of luminosity.

Smoked fog lights will look good on your E36.

However, fog lights are different from headlights. Headlights are placed on the upper part of the vehicle while fog lights are fitted low to the ground. Fog lights are placed there to provide a low level of light that can penetrate through the poor weather condition a driving is facing. When you use your headlights and are only using the high beams, this makes it actually more difficult to drive at night. The extra lights that your fog lights provide do not throw the light up like the main beams. They throw the light low and forward helping to increase visibility. The effect of the safety features of the fog lights are not just for the driver, but also for drivers coming in the opposite direction since this also reduces the possibility of glare.

With such advantages, choosing the right BMW E36 fog lights is just necessary as choosing the right headlights. The great side though to these lights is that they can provide your E36 with that additional sporty look most crave. Most of those who upgrade their fog lights change to HID and LED bulbs while some still consider the yellow fog lights the safer option.

HID bulbs have more components that enhance the visibility especially in poor weather conditions. HID lights are known in providing luminous lights that are three times brighter than the normal halogen bulbs.. LED bulbs are also in demand these days since they can provide a great decoration for the vehicle while they shine brightly, last longer and can save energy better than its counterpart.

Some car enthusiasts still prefer the yellow light because they believe that it is far more effective than the blue or white color of fog lights that are becoming common these days. However, it is still the driver’s preference and where he thinks he feels safe that he can use whatever color he desire, but still check your state if your color preference for your BMW E36 fog lights are acceptable.


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