BMW E34 Upgrades – BMW Upgrade Options For E34 540i

Upgrading parts of your BMW E34 540i will make it look stunning.

The BMW E34 was manufactured from 1988 to 1995 and was among the most reliable luxury cars on the market and the most reliable BMWs ever made. During its production, it was considered one of the safest cars on the road because it contained airbags and 4 wheel anti-lock brakes. The body structure is made rigid to protect occupants in the event of accidents. With available BMW upgrade options for E34 540i vehicles, there is no reason why you cannot make your baby look much better and more reliable.

It is even said that the E34 540is are rare BMWs because of its limited productions with 135 w/6-speed manual transmissions, it is certain that owners of this vehicle will just provide the tender loving care it deserves. If you are also a proud owner of this magnificent car, you are mostly concern on how you can maintain it to its pristine. The BMW E34 540i deserve to have its every gadget, buttons, and equipment to work properly. Here is a quick listing on BMW upgrade options for your E34 540i:

1. 540i Air Flow Meter (AFM). It is thought that the AFM would tell the engine that it is taking in more air, but this is not true. The air flow meter does not actually tell the ECU how much air to take since it cannot do that, however, it tells the ECU how much it is being taken in by the engine.

2. Performance Software. This software is a small chip that is attached into the ECU. It is a very simple DIY and can be done with just following instructions. The chip can be compared to a disc that the ECU looks to find answers to situations. It also holds fuel mappings so it can get the most power for your engine. And it also adds more fuel to better compensate for air flow at certain revs.

Take care of this truly rare vehicle with BMW upgrade options for E34 540i.

3. Lowering Springs. These are a nice upgrade that has visual and functional usage. They work by compressing at different rates than the usual stock springs. However, make sure that the springs will compliment the shocks and struts to improve its spring functions and strut mount longevity.

4. Sport Shocks and Struts. These will be a good compliment to your lowering or sport springs. The springs will hold just the same weight creating a stiffer ride. This compensate the sports shocks and struts for the limited wheel travel.

There are still a lot of BMW upgrade options for e34 540i. The more you consider choosing upgrades now, the more that you can take care of your BMW E34.


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