BMW E24 Mods – You Won’t Give Up The Retro With These Popular BMW E24 Mods

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What makes your E24 a unique BMW? Aside from the classic looks inside and out, and the iconic shark nose look at the front-end, your classic 6-series is an important part of BMW history. For many BMW 6 Series enthusiasts, they are not quite yet about to give up on restoring the beauty of their unique cars. The increasing popularity of this classic BMW model has lead many E24 owners to look for BMW E24 mods.

Many E24 enthusiasts are only interested in restoring their cars to like new condition. Still, many more wish to clean up their cars as well as give them upgrades and amenities not available when their cars first hit the market. Here are some of the popular BMW E24 mods for the enthusiasts.

Wheels and tires for E24. Wide wheels look really awesome for the E24 models. Sixteen and seventeen inch E24 rims look stunning when combined with E24 lowering springs. Just to give you idea, a set of wide BBS RS wheels will make your slammed shark look really stunning. If you want to give your E24 a noticeable change that will really make everyone’s heads turn, then replacing the old wheels with nice wide wheels is one of the BMW E24 mods that you should include in the list of things you plan on doing with your car.

High-performance lowering springs and sports shock absorbers. Lowering your E24 will not only make a dramatic change in the visual appeal of your car, but also make your car’s handling better and more responsive. When you want lower you car with lowering springs, it best to get sports shocks as the stock shocks are not designed to handle lowering springs.

Big brakes. Give your E24 the stopping power of big brakes. You may opt to have the E32/34 big brakes or the M5/M6 big brakes. Installing big brakes to your E24 will not only enhance the brake system, but will also add style to your wheels.

Looking for BMW E24 mods?

ECU chip tuning. Simple software tuning can provide big power boost by optimizing the ignition timing and fuel mapping.

E24 headlights. One of the most common BMW E24 mods is the headlight upgrade. Modifying the front lights are one the most popular BMW mods. Enhance the front look of your car with new BMW E24 headlights. Old and faded headlights are not safe for driving and replacing them with new units will make you feel comfortable and safer when driving at night. You may choose to have those old E24 headlights modified with European H4s or go with ‘89 Ellipsoids. Also, there are also HID headlight kits for the E24. Modifying the BMW E24 headlights will not only make the front-end of your car look great, but also provide you with brighter lights.



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