Add Character to Your Elegant Car by Adding the Special Look of the BMW Angel Eyes

One popular customization that you can start doing for your BMW parts is to put new BMW angel eyes headlights. So how do you start such installation? It is not actually difficult because you can do it yourself. If you are scared to do such task you can first watch some tutorial videos to give you that boost on how you can successfully install your kit. But first make sure that your replacement matches your car model or else your upgrade would be a waste.

Would you like your headlights to look like these?

When upgrading your BMW headlights to BMW angel eyes, first take out your old headlights out from the vehicle. This will require some extra effort and also some understanding on what parts you should take the headlight off. After that, place your headlights to your working table and begin your installation. You will need to open the headlight by removing the eyebrow piece. After removing the eyebrow piece, clean the outer cover first before breaking the seal of the headlight cover so that no dirt will further go inside.

The process of opening the headlight cover is also simple because you will just need to pop the plastic pieces from where you took the eyebrow piece off and it is done. But be careful since they are made of plastic and they may become brittle if you are not that careful. Make sure that the side tabs are also popped off. You can use a screwdriver to help you with this process. After you have successfully opened the cover, clean the entire cover before you put it back again.

The next process for installing your halos is to first remove your headlight surround. This is also easy and you can just a screwdriver and your fingers to help you take it out. After that you can now put your BMW LED angel eyes. These angel eyes are also easy to install because they already have clips for easy installation. Clips with adjustable settings are a lot easier to use than those who don’t have, so be certain that your clips have it. These clips should be positioned on the little lip on the edge of the headlight shield. Just put the ring inside the clip and position the clip on the edge of the headlight shield or the high beam area.

These angel eyes come with a built in circuit board to allow the LED to work properly without making problems with the computer board. Just plug the necessary wires and you are good to go. Make sure that you put back your headlights to your vehicle the way you took it out so that your new BMW angel eyes will work as how you want it.


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