2004 BMW X3 Parts – Great Additions for Your Elegant SUV

Enhance your E83 X3 with great 2004 BMW X3 parts.

We all know that SUVs are popular and because of that BMW has come out with their X Series. The 2004 BMW X3 belongs to this category and is known as a high performance sports car. It is a compact luxury crossover SUV. A lot says that it is even a family vehicle because it [...]

Short Shifter Kit – Why Settle For Long Throws When You Can Do It Faster and More Fluidly With A Short Shifter Kit?

Get BMW performance short shifter kit for your shifter upgrade.

There are many different upgrades you can do to your BMW interior. One of the satisfying interior upgrades you can do is replacing the stock shifter mechanism with performance short shifter kit. The shifter mechanism connects the driver’s hand to gearbox so it is one of the parts in your car that you interact with [...]