BMW E46 Lights – Quality Modifications for Your BMW E46 Lights

If want your BMW to stand out upgrading your existing E46 lights is one way to do it.

Okay so you have this feeling that you want something new for your BMW E46. Think about this, do you really have to put up with your factory BMW E46 lights? You know the average drivers think that they just have to keep those standard and dull lights. But you’re no average driver, right? Yeah, your BMW is known for its elegance and style, and those factory lights are not bad at all. But if want your BMW to stand out upgrading your existing E46 lights is one way to do it.

Many BMW enthusiasts love to do upgrades on their lights. Automotive lighting engineering has advanced and created innovative and stylish designs that look perfect for modern drivers. The market offers great lighting modifications for E46 models. You can find everything you need to turn those standard and dull BMW E46 lights into a breathtaking lighting beauty. Everything from headlights, corners, to tail lights and more, you can find everything you want to install for your E46 lighting modifications.

Your E46 never came with angel eyes, but the shape of E46 headlights is perfect of Angel Eyes upgrade. Of course, your goal in upgrading your BMW E46 lights is not just to improve the looks of your car, but also to have powerful and brighter lights. This is where LED lights rule. LED Angel Eyes are popular E46 mod for most E46 owners. The LED Angel Eyes for E46 is definitely superior to the stock units because this headlight unit not only make your BMW look unique, but also provide superior performance.

Upgrade your amber corner lights with LED corner lights for E46. The amber stock corner lights of your E46 look very dated, and replacing them with smoke or clear corners will give your E46 a modern look. Throw in some chrome bulbs in replace of those amber bulbs to get the best result from your clear corner lenses.

Your E46 looks great when you see no trace of amber color.

Get E46 LED tail lights to complete your lighting modifications. For sure, you want the rear lights to match the front lights of your car. The back-end of your E46 will look great with modern E46 tail lights. Whether you want it dark, red or clear tail lights, new units will definitely make a big difference.

Also, replace your amber E46 sidemarkers and you totally get rid of that ugly amber look around your car with new BMW E46 lights. You will love the unique top quality look of your BMW E46 when you see no trace amber color.

You do not need any modifications on your light housings as new lighting units are designed for easy installation. Most new units are completely plug and play so the work is easy for you. Search the web for quality lighting modifications for your BMW E46. Go ahead replace your old and boring BMW E46 lights with modern and brighter lights.


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