BMW E39 Upgrades – Upgrades That Can Go Beyond The Ordinary Beauty Of BMW E39

BMW E39 upgrades can give your E39 a race car look.

The BMW E39 is made between 1995 to 2003 and was the successor of the BMW E34. The complete vehicle has a great body construction and electronic technology. With all the great feature this vehicle has to offer a lot of BMW enthusiasts are not just satisfied with how they got their vehicles. It is now mostly common for owners to upgrade their BMW E39 since it is also mostly fitting to do so. So what upgrades can one do on their E39? There are a lot of potential for BMW E39 upgrades since a lot of aftermarket stores offer a wide variety of options. There are lights, exterior and interior, wheels, performance parts, and suspension parts that can be upgraded on your vehicle.

For instance, the most common upgrade enthusiasts do on their E39 is to change their factory lights to a more powerful and stronger light. Lights has so many different parts. You have the headlights, tail lights, fog lights, and sidemarkers. Your options to upgrading your lights are also endless since you can choose the color and even the density of the light. One popular option for lights is the HID headlight kits. These HID Xenon conversion kit  goes well with angel eyes and are available in 6000K, 8000K to 12000K.

When it comes to the car’s exterior, you can consider upgrading your BMW emblems with color roundels. These color roundels are not just for the hood, but you can also have this on your trunk, wheels and anywhere you find it fit. They are also available in different colors to fit the style you want for your car.

Making the difference with BMW E39 upgrades.

BMW E39 upgrades for your interior can be a lot of fun. Since you mostly stay longer inside than the outside of your car, you should consider upgrading the audio and video of your E39. Our technology is more advanced these days and upgrading your audio is not just a simple matter of installing a regular radio and you are good to go. Today’s technology includes BMW satellite radio, Bluetooth kit, speaker pairs and packages, subwoofer systems, amplifier upgrades, and an iPod and iPhone integration.

And how can you forget the wheels. In truth, the wheels are like a statement of individuality and uniqueness. Have the same BMW E39s lined on a corner, but if one E39 has a unique set of wheels that car will stand out among the others. Famous and reliable manufacturers for the BMW E39 wheels are Velocity Motoring Wheels, DPE Wheels, and Avant Garde Wheels.

There are still a lot BMW E39 upgrades that you can do for your vehicle. Make sure that you have set of plan for your car though is you can easily start your upgrade and have fun with it.


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