Stylish BMW Lenses – Smoked Or Clear BMW Lenses?

Do you feel that your BMW needs a new look and want a few modifications to achieve the look you have in your mind? When it comes to BMW modifications, there are many choices and decisions to make. To help you narrow down your options, let’s talk about the two kinds of BMW lenses that many BMW enthusiasts find very interesting… smoked and clear lenses.

Smoked or clear? It’s just a personal taste.

The factory lenses installed to your BMW provide that good classic look, but for other BMW enthusiasts there are cool modifications that will give them more of an individual look. If you are looking to upgrade your BMW lights, getting smoked or clear lenses will do the trick. These are popular lenses and they sure make a big difference to any BMW vehicles. But for those who are new to BMW modifications, choosing BMW lenses that would perfectly look great on their car is a difficult decision to make.

The best thing to do to find out how smoked or clear lenses would look on a BMW. Take a look the video on top and imagine how these lenses would look on your BMW. This can help you determine which of the two lenses will make the best impression. Most people who have upgraded their standard lenses to European style lighting say that these lenses can really change the whole outlook of your car.

Replacing the standard lenses with clear ones will give your car that neat European look. They sure look good on light colored body. For a nice clean look, BMW clear lensesis a good pick. And if you want that smoked out look on your BMW, then obviously smoked lenses is an easy pick. Many BMW enthusiasts see black cars to look really nice with

Bring that European car and feel and increase head turns by upgrading your BMW lenses.

smoked corner lenses and tail lights. Smoked lenses will give your car a nice stealth look. BMW smoked lenses is a cool addition to those who love aggressive styling.

One of the best thing about upgrading your corner lenses, side markers and tail lights is that you get to know how to install them. You can easily find helpful videos to complete the BMW lens upgrade. It is a fun thing to do if you are that DIY guy.

If you are looking to change your ordinary amber BMW lights, upgrade them to new corner lights, side markers and tail lights. Make sure that you choose that the new lenses will complement to the overall look of your car. Whether you go for smoked or clear lenses, upgrading your BMW lenses will give your BMW a more up-to-date look and feel.


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