Keep Your E46 3 Series BMW In Top Shape With Tuning and Maintenance Kits

Tuning and maintenance kits keep your vehicle run in top shape.

The BMW E46 3 Series was produced in 1998 and is the fourth generation of the 3 Series compact executive cars. Although it may have aged a bit, but there are still a lot of great things going on for this vehicle since it is created by BMW after all. In fact, this car is one of the most successful BMW that was manufactured as it was able to sell 561, 249 units in 2002 as the car evolved to convertible and hatchback body style. It comes in coupe, touring and compact variants, although the coupe is the most popular of them with the sedan at top making it a family sedan for most. With the power and attention given to this car model there are also a few portion that should be looked on if you are going to buy an E46 or if you have already one.

Just like any other car, your BMW E46 will also need maintenance and body part changes. Tuning and maintenance kits are available for the E46 3-Series BMW.  For instance, a set of shocks and struts can benefit the vehicle well after it has run 40,000 miles. Worn out shocks and struts can show symptoms of a bouncy and uncomfortable ride, excessive lean, suspension compression, and under braking and acceleration. If you find that the shocks are externally leaking oil, then that is an important sign that it needs replacing. But of course, you should not wait for it to happen because the factory dampers go junk after 60,000 miles. At the same time the radiator should also be replaced after 90,000 miles of use.

Just like any other car, your E46 needs tuning and maintenance kits to last longer.

The early models of this E46 has weak ball joints, however this can also be replaced by stronger ball joints. Some car owners even have complained about the heavy steering especially for those cars that were manufactured in 2000. But BMW was able to retrofit these cars that can now allow drivers to boost their driving with ease and comfort. With tuning and maintenance kits available out there, it is now easy for drivers to maintain the high performance level of their vehicle.

All cars need proper maintenance, even if you are driving a luxury car. Most of the problems that can be found with the E46 were with the earlier cars. The newer cars though don’t have much issue especially during 2002 when BMW re-designed the vehicle and re-designed the headlights, bumpers, and even created a stiffer chassis. This resulted for the vehicle to become even more popular. They have also increased the horsepower engine from 116hp to 141hp making it even more reliable, stronger, and powerful. Keep your E46 in top form with tuning and maintenance kits.



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