BMW X5 Modifications – Want A Few Upgrades To Your High Class SUV?

Looking for a few BMW X5 modifications?

The BMW X5 is the answer of BMW to the SUV. This vehicle is a midsize luxury SUV and is the first generation of the X5. However, BMW calls this vehicle as a Sport Activity Vehicle SAV and not an SUV to emphasize its on-road ability and of course to emphasize that it is a BMW. It may be a family vehicle, but it is certain that the BMW X5 is a car with style. And since it is a BMW vehicle we can expect BMW enthusiasts to look for BMW X5 modifications to make it look and feel better.

Newer BMW X5 models are already equipped with radio function, navigation system, television and telecommunication systems, and so on. However, late X5 models may not have the same system but they can still be upgraded with newer BMW X5 modifications. For instance, when it comes to the audio and video, it is not just the Bluetooth capabilities that the X5 can modify. Integrating your own iPhone or iPod is now possible with BMW X5 modifications. You will just need to know what you want to modify in your audio and video and there will be packages and systems available for you.

If you are concentrating with your interior modifications for your BMW X5, one final touch that you can add up is with the pedals. Aluminum pedalsset are made to increase grip and are made for automatic or manual vehicles. Pedals sets may be a bit common in terms  of

Interior BMW X5 modifications.

BMW modifications, but this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to modify your car interior. Other modifications that you can add up are with the interior lights, rugs, seat covers, and so on. It will depend on you and what you want to do to your car interior.

When it comes to exterior BME X5 modifications, the ideas are endless. BMW X5 is still a new model and some may think that there is no need to add more to the exterior. However, there are still a lot of items that can make this SAV a great one. For instance, you can change your old grills to matte black or modify your emblems with color roundels. BMW color roundels can be found in different colors to also cater to the color combination that you want. They can be put on your hood, trunk and even on your wheels. There are still a lot of parts and accessories that you can do with your exterior so have fun on your search and enjoy driving your BMW X5.


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