BMW Lightweight Battery – Save Your BMW Some Weight With Smaller And Lighter Battery

Shave few extra pounds off the weight of your BMW with a lightweight battery.

The battery on BMW E30s is located in the trunk instead of in the engine bay. Smart isn’t it? Yes, because the stock battery is about 40 lbs, and the last thing your car needs is an additional 40 lbs up front. Having the battery placed in the trunk is good in terms of static weight distribution because it transfers the weight to the back wheels. However, because the trunk is a useful place to put stuffs, having so much weight for the rear wheels can affect the dynamic weight distribution. Unfortunately, the effect will not appear on the scales, it is only noticeable to the driver on the street or track. Partial solution? Get BMW lightweight battery.

If you are looking for a way to shave few extra pounds off the weight of your BMW, one of the solutions that you can take is replacing the stock battery with smaller and lighter BMW battery. Because it is smaller and lighter than the stock unit, you can save 11.5 lbs with BMW lightweight battery. Save 11.5 lbs? Well, that may not seem like a huge weight reduction, but consider the fact that it eliminates that amount of weight off of you BMW. So how does it benefit your car? This is always favorable to handling.

Smaller and lighter BMW batteries are good as standard-sized batteries. Daily drivers will have no problem with high quality lightweight  BMW batteries, even in the winter time. It will not lose its cranking power even at zero degrees or after sitting for a few days. It may be smaller than the standard battery, but it is packed with power.

Include BMW lightweight battery to your E30 modifications.

Smaller and lighter BMW batteries can be mounted in different positions. High quality lightweight batteries are designed for high amperage, track use and audio competitions. BMW lightweight batteries are designed to provide race performance and are environment friendly. This type of battery is maintenance free and corrosion free. The sealed valve regulated design makes it no spill.

Many BMW enthusiasts usually look for BMW carbon fiber parts when it comes to reducing some weight off the car. Carbon fiber parts can make your car weigh lighter and in turn allows you to better acceleration.  You can eliminate few extra pounds off when you replace your stock battery with BMW lightweight battery, and that makes it a good complement to your BMW weight reduction plan. Include smaller and lighter battery to your weight reduction project.


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