BMW E46 Oil Change DIY – Get BMW E46 Inspection Kit

Oil pin/Oil drain bolt

Late for work because you have to drop your car up at the dealership to get it serviced? Well, “get your car serviced” is just them going to change the oil and probably trying to find some things and charge you money for other services. When you want your BMW E46 oil changed, you can save money by doing it yourself. Oil change? Man, you can do it. It’s easy as ABC. It’s time to man up if you have not done it. Get your BMW E46 inspection kit and ready some tools.

Here’s a quick way to change the oil on your BMW 3 Series E46. This technique also applies with BMW 5 Series E39. The oil filter is located up high, which make it much easier to replace than underneath the engine. The tools you need to do this job:

Synthetic Oil (included in the BMW E46 inspection kit)
Oil Filter with new O-ring (included in the inspection kit)
17mm socket
36mm socket
Torque Wrench
Flat screw driver

Before you perform the oil change, start your engine to get the oil all warm up nice and hot for a smooth oil drain.

Get the car in the air. Use a set of jack stands and a jack or use a ramp or something to get the car up in the air. Placed it on a point where you can easily get to the drain bolt. Make sure it is jacked in a safe manner. Get it high enough to get under.

Look from the underneath the passenger side and locate the oil pin or drain bolt. You can easily find it because it is the only bolt you can see. Use the 17mm socket to that bolt, counter clockwise to loosen the bolt. Before you remove the bolt, get your oil catch pan in position underneath. Let the oil completely empty for about ten minutes or so.

Pop the hood and take the oil filler cap off on the top of the valve cover to make the oil drain out smoother. Then it is time to change the oil filter. Find the black plastic cover. You can’t miss it since it is the only 36mm type of socket in the engine bay. Use your 36mm socket to remove the oil filter cap. Counter clockwise to remove the cap and along with the filter.

Simply pull the filter out to remove it from the cap. You will see a rubber o-ring located at the top. Remove the o-ring with a screw driver. Replace it with a new o-ring that comes with your new filter. Put the new filter, it does not really matter which direction. You might want to get a little dab of oil in the o-ring before you put the oil filter cap back in. Tighten up cap with your hand until the o-ring starts to bind up. There is number on the on the cap that indicates 25NM so get your torque wrench and torque the cap to 25 NM.

The oil filter cap is located up high, much easier to replace than underneath the engine.

Get the oil drain bolt and replace the copper washer and put it back on the car. Tighten it back up with your wrench. Just go easy until it clicks then she’s done. Lower your vehicle.

Then it is time to put in the oil. Put 7 quarts of oil into the oil filler. Check the oil level to see if it is on the top of the upper mark of the oil dipstick. Start the engine and let it run for 3-5 minutes and check for oil leaks underneath the car or in the oil filter housing.

Finally, reset the oil inspection light and you and that is it.

Why pay more to service centers when you can do it yourself? So when it is time for an oil change, get your BMW E46 Inspection kit and do your first oil change.

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