BMW E46 Inspection and Oil Service Light Reset DIY

Oil/Inspection Service Indicator Light

In our previous article, we talked about do-it-yourself E46 oil change. If your DIY skills are high, changing the oil of your E46 is something accomplishable. Once your oil change job is done, the next thing you need to do is to reset the Oil/Inspection Service light. The computer is not smart enough to process that you have done maintenance work to your BMW so the service light is still on. For this reason, you need to know how to reset the oil service light. For DIY guys like you, resetting the BMW E46 inspection and oil service light should be easy.

How do you reset the oil inspection service light? Just follow the steps below and you are good to go.

  1. The first thing you do is press the left button (odometer rest button) on the dashboard. Press it and hold it for a few seconds, it will display some figures.
  2. Then while you have the display, put your key into the car’s ignition. Turn to first click and it will run a test on the cluster. Keep it held in.
  3. The display will say reset. Then the reset will blink in a second or so. When it starts to blink, you have to let the odometer button out and press it again.
  4. You will see the display will show the next oil service inspection, and will say end of the inspection and oil service light reset. It is reset so now you can let the button out. That’s it. Reset completed.

After doing all these steps, it should be reset. Take the key out and put it back in and you will see the display on your next oil service.  So that’s how you reset the BMW E46 inspection and oil service light.

Follow the easy steps to reset the service indicator for oil or inspection service.

It is quick and easy. But take note, you only need t to reset the items that you have done maintenance on. Do not reset other service indicator lights just because you want to clear them and not perform the maintenance job. These maintenance jobs are important to your BMW and should be done the right way.

It is easy to reset the E46 oil and inspection service reminder. This method of BMW E46 inspection and oil service light reset may be done on a 1999 model or newer E46 3 series or similar 5 series.  Resetting the service indicator by yourself will save you the trouble of making an appointment with your dealer and also save you some money.



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