BMW E46 Exterior Styling: Uniquely Eye-Catching Upgrades For Your BMW

Do you want to make a few modifications to your BMW E46?

Do you want to make a few modifications to your BMW E46? If you think that your BMW is already out-dated then it is time to do some BMW E46 exterior styling. With the right BMW parts, time and effort to it, your E46 will stand out and become the talk of the town. There are cool upgrades that easily make a huge impact to your BMW.

Though the E46 series is popular and said to be the one of the best BMW vehicles, you can easily find E46 parts and accessories to make your car look and perform much better.  There are plenty of E46 mods available on the market and the internet is a great place to start your search for parts and accessories for BMW E46 exterior styling.

The headlights are one of the best features of your BMW. Love the look of xenon white? If the lights of your BMW headlights still have that out-dated yellow look, consider upgrading them with a pair of xenon HID headlights. Updating your headlights does not only give your E46 a modern look, but will also instantly enhance the aesthetics of your BMW in day or night. The most important part of upgrading your headlights is that it makes driving much safer at night. The headlights of your E46 will surely have a noticeable improvement when upgraded.

Another feature of your car that boosts its aesthetic appeal when upgraded is the BMW wheels and rims. You can find great aftermarket wheels out there and the choices are for every driver. There are different sizes and designs to choose from so finding the wheels that will fit the styles that you want and should be easy. Of course, you don’t want to have just plain looking wheels. You want to stand out from the rest and you would definitely want to have a unique style of your own. Newer and stylish wheels will highlight the dynamic character and unique style of your E46.

For the hood and trunks, some dealers offer a variety of choices that can make your car look more stylish. Most cars use the aluminum type but in the market or online these days, they are recommending that you use the newest trend in hoods or trunks which is the BMW carbon fiber hoods and trunks. Adding this to your car will reduce weight and improve its acceleration.

These are great upgrades that will definitely make huge improvements to the overall look and performance of your E46. So if you are looking for a uniquely eye-catching E46 upgrades, consider these BMW E46 exterior upgrades.

Explore some of the upgrade options available for your BMW vehicle. Check out some of the popular BMW upgrades below.



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