BMW 330i Upgrades – Driving Your BMW E46 Gets Better With BMW 330i Upgrades

M3 style power folded mirrors.

The BMW 330i is truly a fine machine on the road, which makes it a popular vehicle for many BMW enthusiasts. However you can further enhance the drive quality and engine performance to make it look better and gain more power.  If you are looking for BMW 330i parts for cosmetic and mechanical upgrades then consider some of these BMW 330i upgrades.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Custom Wheels. If you are looking for an upgrade that really makes a huge impact, one of the easiest ways to make the most noticeable upgrade is by adding a new set of aftermarket wheels. It should nail it. The wheels are very noticeable parts of your car, and replacing the stock wheels of your BMW with unique and stylish wheels will make a big difference. Custom BMW wheels will add more style to your ride.

M3 Side Mirrors. Getting M3 style power folded mirrors for your BMW E46 is absolutely a smoking addition. These M3 side mirrors are great on an E46.

Deck-lid Spoiler.  Spice up the trunk of your BMW with a simple add-on. Rear deck-lid spoiler will turn a plain trunk into a stunning back side view. This may be a small piece, but very noticeable BMW 330i upgrade will make your car stand out from the rest. In performance standpoint, this spoiler will give you a modest increase in downforce and provide your car with added aerodynamic performance.

Mechanical Upgrades

Cross Drilled Rotors. Maximize the stopping power of your car by having cross drilled BMW brake rotors.  This will improve the braking performance and pedal feel every time you hit the brakes. In addition to its enhanced braking performance, it looks great too. These high performance rotors will never fail to provide you with the highest level of braking efficiency in all driving condition.

Imagine how these BMW 330i upgrades can transform your car into a mean machine.

Control Unit Performance Upgrade. Having the engine control unit performance upgraded will allow you to have optimum synchronization of all engine functions in your car. Control unit performance download will make the control system in your car more efficient.

Cold Air Intake. Upgrade the stock airbox system of your BMW E46 to performance cold air intake. High quality cold air intake will improve our car’s air system and allow your engine to breathe better. It improves performance results and make it more fuel efficient. Not only will your car have performance gains, but the intake will make your car sound more aggressive.

These BMW 330i upgrades will give your E46 a nice uptick in the overall look and performance. Imagine how these BMW E46 mods can transform your car into a mean machine.


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