Repair Tech Tips: Choosing Your BMW Performance Exhaust System

If you are upgrading your BMW to make it faster, then you must be considering adding BMW performance exhaust system in your BMW upgrade. Installing a performance exhaust system to replace the stock exhaust is typically one of the modifications many BMW owners do for their vehicle.

A standard stock exhaust wouldn’t have the perforated pipe inside, making it much quieter.

This is also an upgrade that many new BMW owners choose to do to their ride. After getting a new BMW, many owners would love to hear that awesome sound and feel the performance out of their new investment. The ordinary sound of the stock exhaust system has removed the sport from within the ultimate driving machine.

Getting BMW performance exhaust system is not difficult if you have idea what to look for. You should be aware of some things to avoid when choosing performance exhaust system.

Do not replace the rear muffler with a smaller unit or a piece with bigger inlet diameter; otherwise your car will sound louder. Also, this will very likely decrease performance, and produce mid range flat spots during acceleration. Modern engine operation system is very responsive to back pressure adjustments.

There are a lot of O.E. muffler makers that are manufacturing shiny louder mufflers, and saying they are performance exhaust. Unfortunately, without the right research, significant development and dyno facility that are essential in extracting any available engine power, these low quality exhaust s are absolutely useless. This kind of exhaust system may not give you the added performance you expect when you get those so called performance exhaust out there.

Choose only the ultimate performance exhaust system!

The best way to make sure that you get the right BWM performance exhaust system is to purchase aftermarket exhaust from a reliable manufacturer. There are actually a number of reliable manufacturers of aftermarket performance exhaust system. To give you idea, some of the popular brands are AC Schnitzer, Ansa, B&B Tri-flo, Eisenman, Hamann, and Remus exhaust systems. There are other brands that offer high quality BMW performance exhaust system, you will just have to search the web to find them or join BMW forums to have idea of what many BMW owners and enthusiast find the best replacement for the stock exhaust.

If you are really serious about making your BMW faster and more powerful, you can always add a new performance exhaust system in your BMW performance upgrade. The choice should be easy when you know what you are looking for. Choose only the ultimate BMW performance exhaust system for your car. Expect that added power and distinctive deeper exhaust note only high quality performance exhaust can give.



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