Popular DIY BMW Mods

Everyone loves to see a beauteous car. That’s why many people modify their cars. What BMW mods are in your list? If you are still thinking of the mods for your BMW model, here are some of the popular DIY BMW mods to give BMW enthusiast and first time BMW owners nice ideas at the potential their ultimate driving machine holds.

What BMW mods are in your list?

Rims and Tires. If you do not feel the standard look of stock BMW wheels, then upgrading the wheels will give your car a whole new look. The 19” set up with light wheels will make your ride look impressive. You may also go for custom BMW wheels to meet your personal requirement. As for wheels, look for top name brands in the wheels and rims market, and make sure that they will fit your BMW model.

Grills. BMW grill upgrades allow you to match your car’s body paint code. Aside from the improved front end look, the best thing about grill upgrades is you replace the old stock grills with high quality ones that will never get any pitting and yellowing over time. It is one of the easy DIY BMW mods.

Lowering Kits. Lowering kits benefit the suspension handling while giving your vehicle a nice drop. Installing BMW lowering kits will also enhance cornering speed and response, minimize body roll and maintain a comfortable ride.

Cold Air Intake. For those looking for more power, replacing the stock air box with high performance BMW intake is a good start for a nice performance upgrade.

Exhaust. You will love the extra push that a new exhaust system will bring to your car. Not to mention the nice intimidating tone every time give it some gas. The combination of high quality cold air intake, high performance BMW exhaust and software tune will really make a real boost to your engine power

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Aftermarket Headlights/Tail Lights. Ditch the halogen lights and switch to Angel Eye headlights. As for the tail lights, you can give your BMW the updated look with euro tail lights or custom LED tail lights. Good lighting performance and beautiful designs make this headlight or tail light upgrade one of the most unique and dramatic BMW modifications. Most aftermarket headlights and tail lights are plug and play for easy installation.

HID’s. Many drivers love those distinctive Xenon lights. The eye-catching HID lights are brighter and more powerful than stock halogen lights, and they last longer. HID headlights and interior lights provide spectacular lighting and modern look.

There you go, the top BMW mods that you can install yourself. These are popular BMW modifs that will surely yield satisfying results. If you are doing these DIY BMW mods for the first time, completing these modifications may take some time and practice. Just follow the instructions as stated on the manual and you will do just fine. Also, there are many automotive DIY videos specific to your car make and model to help you complete the install.



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