Nice BMW E46 Modification Ideas To Give Your Car A Solid Look

The result of these modifications will surely satisfy you fully!

There are an amazing amount of modifications for your BMW E 46 models. From exterior to interior, you can find a lot of available E46 mods for your great car. Read up and get some nice BMW E46 modification ideas to get you started modifying your car.

Exterior E46 Modification Ideas

Although the design of your BMW is already in tuned, car enthusiasts still find it hard to resist not putting carbon fiber parts that can also reduce weight to the vehicle and improve the appearance and style of it. Carbon wrapped roof, grills, side grills, tints, carbon badges, and so on.

A lot of these E46 models also do not come with xenon headlights. This is also one reason why most owners of this car model modify their headlights first before anything else. Changing to Xenon headlights can improve the color and visual appeal of the vehicle thus making it look more impressive. Most upgrade headlights are plug and play for easy installation.

Owners can have unique wheels while still having stronger and lighter wheels that are meant to improve style and acceleration of the vehicle. Upgrade the BMW wheels and rims to a mesh style that looks much better than the stock wheels that many E46 came with.

Modifying the lights and wheels of your E46 will surely make an obvious improvement. These are BMW E46 modification ideas that work very effectively.

Interior E46 Modification Ideas

Are you getting bored of the look inside your E46? Modify your interior trim with unique interior carbon cube trim. This is a perfect upgrade, especially if you love the unique carbon fiber look and feel. Some stock interior parts that you can replace with stylish ones are the pedals, handbrake and gear knob. Replace the stock foot pedals with elegant looking aluminum BMW pedals. Also, these days many find titanium plated and brushed stainless steel gear knob and handbrake really appealing.

BMW E46 Modifications – the car looks phenomenal and runs flawlessly.

One of the stock interior parts that looks real cool when upgraded is the interior lights. Ditch those yellow stock interior lights because they make your interior look dated. Upgrade with BMW E46 LED interior kit for that cool hyperwhite LED interior lights.

Suspension E46 modification Ideas

Although the factory suspension for this vehicle is meant to perform well, it can still be enhanced. There are improved springs and shocks to replace the factory springs. This will help in improving the car’s performance. If you aim to modify the suspension completely, have the spring and shock replaced with a quality and known brand that is meant for BMW. If you want to give your car a nice drop, a nice set of lowering springs. Giving your E46 a modified suspension with high performance lowering springs will give your car that intimidating look and superb handling performance.

These are very good E46 modification ideas that will make your car look much better than the original. The result of these modifications will surely satisfy you fully!


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