Clear Lens Tail Lights – Cool BMW Exterior Mods

Tail lights are one of the noticeable aftermarket modifications that can change the look of even the most nondescript car into a stylish attention getting ride. BMW enthusiasts are modifying their car’s look with these cool clear lens tail lights. Installing clear lens tail lights is an option you have when considering BWM exterior mods. Exactly what are clear lens tail lights? They are also known as European tail lights while some refer to them as Altezzas, the name of a popular maker of this type of tail light. Whatever you call them, installing a pair of clear lens tail lights can be accomplished in a very short time.

Clear white indicators

Installing BMW clear lens tail lights is not really complicated BMW exterior mods. You can easily replace your factory tail lights with a customized unit designed for your personality and style. In other words you are installing clear lenses that look better on factory tail lights and turn signal lights. The new set of lenses that come with style rings and metal plating enhances the light sending out from tail lights and turn signals. In effect, it creates a distinctive look that is much better than the factory design tail lights. It is certainly one of the great BMW exterior mods available for those

BMW clear lens tail lights are available in the market in different styles and colors like black, carbon fiber, chrome and more. And those who want to make it look more unique may choose to customize it. This particular BMW exterior modification highlights the installation of LED bulbs that light faster and brighter than the ordinary tail light bulbs. LED bulbs do not have filament and can stand tough road conditions to a greater degree than any standard bulb. All vehicles will likely come equipped with LEDs, but if your car is not equipped with these great tail lights, then consider this in your next BMW modification mods?

Give your BMW tail lights the updated look.

Well, if you already have European models then you may be satisfied with your stock lights since they are what stirred up the “Euro tail light” madness in the beginning. Best of all, clear lens tail lights are street legal and meet the tight standard of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). No need to worry about being stopped by highway patrol on the road with these BMW exterior mods. There are different BMW modification mods for your car and modifying your tail lights is just one great option that you can take.

Set up instructions are easy to follow and assembly can be accomplished in as little as thirty minutes for the pair. It’s great to see good BMW exterior mods like a new set of BMW clear lens tail lights installed in your car for the whole world to see!



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