BMW E92 Performance Mods – Unlock Your BMW E92’s Potential

Performance BMW Exhaust

Looking for ways to enhance your E92 driving experience? Unlock your BMW’s potential with these BMW E92 mods that will make your car look better and go faster. Here are some nice ideas for your E92 performance mods.

You can start your performance modifs by increasing your engine’s capacity. Supercharging your M3 is a nice option that will give your car a nice pull you never imagined. If you are really serious about adding more power to your ride, then have an E92 supercharger kit installed under the hood. Just make sure that you deal with proven companies like VF, ESS or AA because they would really make your car go faster.

To complement the supercharger system, replace the stock exhaust with a high performance BMW exhaust system. The stock exhaust system of your car is restricted, and upgrading it is a nice addition to your E92 performance mods as it brings your performance upgrade to perfection with a nice intimidating race sound. Custom performance exhaust is an excellent exhaust match for the BMW M series.

Now to complement the upgraded power, it is best to use a bigger brake kit. There is no point in increasing your car’s power if the brakes do not work when you need them. Big brake kits provide maximum braking force that your powerful engine needs. One of the best brake kits is Brembo. For his particular BMW brake kit, the front kit is a six piston 380 mm rotor and the rear is a four piston 380 mm rotor. You can choose the calliper colors and the rotor style that will blend well with your BMW.

Brembo Brake Kit

Suspension upgrade is one of the common E92 modifications. Upgrading the suspension of your car offers huge benefits in performance and style. For the best suspension upgrade for your E92, the KW V3 kit will perfectly match with its chassis. It features full height adjustment and rebound adjustment. You can also find other brands that can perfectly fit with the E92 chassis. Upgrading the BMW suspension will make your car better.

You can further enhance the look of your BMW E92 by adding Vorsteiner front splitter, Vorsteiner bootlid, Vorsteiner rear diffuser and a nice set of Vorsteiner V104 monoblock BMW wheels in texture black.

These are great BMW E92 upgrades that will surely make a noticeable difference in performance and style. Dominate the road in your E92 with these BMW E92 performance mods.


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