BMW E90 Aero Parts and Exterior Accessories – Want To Give Your E90 A More Aggressive Look?

E90 Rear Diffuser

The BMW 3 Series E90 If you are looking to further enhance the visual appeal of your BMW 3 Series E90 then consider installing aero parts and exterior accessories. Whether you want to improve the performance or aesthetic look of your BMW, adding E90 aero parts and exterior accessories will make a huge difference. When it comes to aggressive styling, you may want to consider the most aggressive aero parts and exterior accessories below:

Rear Diffuser.  Installing rear diffuser will give the back of your E90 a stylish accent. High performance BMW diffusers can really make your car look aggressive and sporty. Originally used for race cars for aerodynamics purposes and lately it was adapted to street cars. Now, they are available in many different applications. Technically, diffusers on street cars are absolutely ideal for aesthetic purposes and not true aerodynamic functionality.

The cost depends on the brand and the material it is made of. Diffusers are available in carbon fiber and ABS plastic materials. This is one of the E90 aero parts that look sweet.

Front Bumper. Give your BMW E90 a more aggressive look with a stylish front bumper. There is definitely one that will fill your styling needs because aftermarket bumpers are available in M Sport/Tech, ZHP, M3 CSL and M5 style. There are great front bumpers for your E90 available out there, and some of the best brands are Vorsteiner, Reiger, ASC, Lumma and more. If you add a front lip, it is a knockout.

Upgrading the front end of your E90 can completely transform the look of your car.

Front Lip. Aftermarket M3 bumper with a front lip looks fantastic. If you love the look and feel of carbon fiber material, you find carbon fiber front lip. However, when you go with bumpers with lips do not go too low. Think of speed bumps and other hindrance into the surface of the street, driveway or parking lots that may cause damage to your front lip. Upgrading your E90’s front end with a front spoiler or a full bumper cover can totally give your BMW the aggressive look you want.

If you want a styling direction that flows with the car, it has to be these great E90 add-ons. There are various BMW body kits that will surely make you feel good when you get all the items come together. Your E90 will look really mean with these cool E90 aero parts and exterior accessories. Of course, all these come down to your budget, but do it right.