BMW E46 Mods – Start Modding Your E46 Too!

BMW clear corner side lights give your car that neat euro look.

Just bumped into a guy with a BMW E46 and the interesting thing about this guy is the cool mods he did to his car in two weeks. With some simple BMW E46 mods, the car looks much better than its original look. Here are some of the mods he did to his BMW that you might find it interesting in case you are thinking of modding your E46 too.

The first one he really aimed at his mod is to give the license plate a unique style with carbon fiber license plate cover. This is surely a nice upgrade if love the carbon fiber look and feel. Simple BMW E46 mods? Yes, but it sure is a nice upgrade for those who have style in mind.

Then, he got HID lights put in. He added 5000k HID lights which are really bright. These replacement bulbs are the perfect upgrade for your car while increasing night-time driving safety. This is a great upgrade for the standard halogen headlight.

He also got the corner lights upgraded with white corner side lights and replaced the amber bulbs with Stealth bulbs. The result was a neat euro look. Upgrading the factory orange or amber BMW corner lights with BMW clear or white corner lights is a nice aftermarket option. The tuner style of blacked out and smoke corner side lights are also popular options.

Because he does not like how the back tires are pushed in, so he purchased quality wheel spacers. BMW wheel spacers basically space the wheel out. They will offset wheels to enhance the car’s look and handling.

The wheel looks great with painted caliper.

Another simple modification he did is having the callipers painted red. Many BMW enthusiasts paint their callipers because the stock ones do not really look great. You can find paints specially made for callipers. Having the callipers painted is simple mod that adds beauty to your wheels. They look pretty good in bright color and it really extends out when you drive. Calliper paint will only cost you about $6-$8.

He had done all that simple BMW E46 mods in two weeks. They may be simple upgrades, but they actually give his BMW E46 a nice new look.

The E46 is one of the favorite BMW models to modify, and if you are looking to modify your E46 these are simple modification ideas that can enhance the look and performance of your car. So, what is in your BMW E46 mods list?



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