BMW E36 Modification Ideas – Classy Steering Wheel and Suspension Bags For Your M3 E36 Mods

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The E36 is one of the best sports coupe ever to hit the road and an all-time favorite of many BMW enthusiasts. Despite its brilliant engineering and elegant look, many E36 owners love to modify their ride to improve driving experience and make it look much better. If you are looking to modify your E36, think about the satisfying results of a minimal interior upgrade and the cool suspension bags for your M3 E36 mods.

One of the parts really have close contact to the driver is the steering wheel. Upgrading the steering wheel is a great interior upgrade as you always have to feel them every time you drive your car. For the example, the BMW steering wheel you see on the image is pure class, a minimal interior upgrade that will make a stunning impression.

Many drivers go for the 3 spoke steering wheels when replacing the stock ones because they are better than the 4 spoke for performance driving. However, when it comes to styling, it is subjective. You can find a nice performance steering wheel to replace the stock one that will give you the best feel when driving your car.

Choose air lift for that winning look.

Another interesting mod for your BMW is an air suspension kit. Being able to control the ups and down of air suspension at the touch of a button is one of the cool M3 E36 mods. There are different air suspension options available for your E36. Suspension bags will give your ride a nice drop for show, and go high for the daily drive.  You can install complete BMW air suspensions, or go for individual additions to create a nice BMW air suspension system for your E36. This is a cool addition to your car if you want to give it a showroom look.

Today’s air bag suspension technology is at its best. If you want to run air bags on your E36, you can find a huge selection of BMW air suspension kit to cover all of your air suspension needs. To complement the nice slam, your car will look even more amazing with a nice set of BMW wheels.

These are interesting M3 E36 mods that you can do to make your car look very nice. A performance steering wheel and an air bag suspension system are cool E36 mods to show off your friends. If you have any suggestions for modifications on BMW E36 M3, they would be greatly appreciated. Please use the comment box below.



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