BMW Air Filter System – Get More Clean Air Into The Engine That Translates Into Power

Replace the restrictive stock paper filters with high performance and high flow air filter to allow your engine breathe better.

As much as your BMW needs fuel, your vehicle also needs air. Air filters as how they are known, helps the engine free of dust and tiny particles as it makes certain that clean air enters the engine together with the fuel. Most car owners do not see the importance of changing air filters as they are packed inside an enclosed air intake case, which most do not bother to open. However, changing your BMW air filter is a necessary step to maintain the performance system that is needed to allow the engine to operate at its peak performance and also deliver maximum fuel efficiency.

So when should you change your BMW air filter? Since air filters screen out those harmful grime and constant dirt that may harm its way into the engine, this can also cause internal engine wear. Most carmakers suggest keeping a close eye on the air filter and recommend having it inspected every 6,000 miles. Together with this, car owners should also take into account that cars with computer-controlled fuel injection depends on having a clean BMW air filter so that it can balance the air and fuel that goes into the engine.

If the air filter is dirty, the engine control module or the ECM will forcefully adjust fuel mixture so that it can try and balance the airflow. The fuel delivery system will get confused maintaining a balance of air/fuel ratio. This will end up with having the wrong air/ fuel ratios that will create ineffective combustion, poor fuel economy that will ultimately result to poor performance. And this is because your car has a dirty air filter. Not changing your air filter especially when it is already time to change it may result to disastrous consequences.

Replace a damage or deteriorated filter with the best air filters on the market.

Keep in mind that the engine of your car is similar to a big air pump. When the air that goes through it is clean, you can expect that your car will feel and perform better. The question now is where you can find your BMW air filter. It is necessary that when purchasing your air filters that you search for the original equipment. Make sure that you have the same filters as the ones you have in your car. Better consult your owner’s manual or from the store where you are going to purchase them. If you buy them online, a reliable customer service will also help you in finding the right BMW air filter for your car especially if you need some assistance for it.

BMW air filters are not that expensive compared to the other upgrades you provide your vehicle and as much as you want your car to perform at its best, taking care of your air filters should come natural.