Angel Eye Headlights – An Upgrade That Will Surely Impress Your Friends

Class, performance, comfort and reliability embody all BMW models. Despite the ultimate driving machine’s superb features, sometimes BMW owners want more. They want to drive with even more style. One of the popular BMW mods is the Angel Eye headlights upgrade. Many BMW owners and enthusiasts find this an excellent upgrade to light up the night in a more effective way.

You’ll be pleased with the Angel Eye headlights upgrade.

If you are looking for a radical change in the look of your BMW, replacing your stock headlights with Angel Eye headlights is the way to go. Angel Eye headlights add rich and unique look onto your BMW’s front end. It also improves the safety of your ride.

CCFL Angel Eyes

CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) are commonly used in headlights. They are also very popular in the aftermarket community. CCFL Angel Eyes are known for its efficient energy consumption and durability, while providing brighter and wider light output. CCFL can be installed in most headlights and aftermarket BMW projector headlights.

LED Angel Eyes

If you are looking for a unique and super bright light, then you should go for LED (Light-Emitting Diode). LED Angel Eyes headlights are more reliable and have extensive operation life. The unique xenon technology light gives your Angel eyes the best optical output. Also, these units do not cause OBC error codes.

LED Angel Eyes are great complement to your HID light color. They look better than stock and still look visible even when the headlights are activated. These halo angel eyes are designed to complement factory Hella/Bosch and Depo aftermarket headlights. Just remember that when you want to go with LED Angel eye upgrade, you will need to know the right kit that will perfectly fit your current headlights. You may ask your dealer about this or specify your current headlights before you go for the LED angel eye upgrade.

Whether you go for CCFL or LED, your car will have that custom look that turns heads!

Another good thing about BMW Angel Eye headlights upgrades is that you can actually install it yourself. Most BMW headlights are designed for smooth and easy installation. You are not required to be a tech expert to complete the Angel Eye headlight upgrade. Simply dislodge the OEM lights using a flat-blade screwdriver and from the electrical connector. Wire in your new BMW headlights, and your headlight upgrade is done.

Are you excited about your first headlight upgrade? Let your BMW’s elegant look glow even brighter, go for BMW Angel Eye headlight upgrade. It is time to shine in the dark!

If you have any question about Angel Eye Headlights, click on the link to learn more about this exciting BMW upgrade.


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