2008 BMW 335i Modifications – Thinking About Adding Some Nice Mods To BMW 335i?

BMW 335i Mods

One of the BMW 3-Series generations that look great is the 2008 BMW 335i. You will enjoy the masterful engineering and take great pleasure in driving this high performance BMW M car. The impressive power under the hood and superb handling makes it simply one of the best M3 on the market. Despite the fact that the BMW 335i is a brilliant ride, many BMW enthusiasts want something more from their vehicle to make it stand out from the rest of its siblings. To make it look much better and further enhance its power, there are some nice BMW 335i modifications to it.

The M3 gives drivers the option to tune their ride. If you are looking to add some nice mods to it, consider the following BMW 335i modifications.

BMW Wheels – A new set of wheels and rims always make a noticeable exterior improvement. Replace your stock BMW wheels if you are really serious about giving your BMW 335i a nice stunning look. You may opt for wider tires for that sporty look. There are many options when upgrade your wheels. Find the best brands of wheels and tires that will fit well to your car. Running a 19” low profile tires would surely make a great impression.

BMW Springs – Give your BMW 335i a nice little drop with BMW lowering springs. Switching your stock springs with a nice set of high performance lowering springs will dramatically enhance your car’s handling performance and give your car that aerodynamic look.

Color matched BMW side reflectors – Say goodbye to those nasty orange reflectors. Get body-colored side reflectors to get a cleaner look. These BMW reflectors will blend in perfectly with your front bumper. Replacing your side reflectors with body-colored version will give your car a cleaner look.

Aero lip – Tired of your stock front bumper? Get a front lip spoiler that will fit your OEM bumper.  Adding a front lip spoiler will give the front end of your BMW 335i a much aggressive look. This is perfect option for you if you are looking to enhance the front end of your BMW 335i without replacing the entire front bumper.

Matte black front grills – This is a great upgrade for the BMW 335i sedan. Matte black grills do not look cheap and will surely add a more aggressive look to the front end of your E90.

It’s hard not to love your car when it is upgraded like this.

Intake – Replace your restrictive stock air-box assembly. A BMW intake upgrade for BMW 335i is good start to your performance upgrade. It give your engine the best possible flow to produce more power. Not to mention a nice tone to the car when you give it some gas.

Performance chip – Do you want to take your twin turbo BMW 335i to the next stage?  This can be accomplished by adding more horsepower to your twin turbo BMW by installing a performance chip that presents powerful and dependable tune. A nice intake, upgraded exhaust and software tuning will surely push power to the max.

There are several options to modify your BMW 35i, and these are just to give some ideal E90 mods. If you want to give your BMW a wider stance, better handling and more aggressive look, adding these nice BMW 335i modifications will surely make your ride a whole lot of fun to drive.