BMW Modifications and Maintenance Kits

BMW Mods & Maintenance for a Bimmer man at heart.

We all want and expect change sometimes, but when it comes to our BMW the change that we expect is not just a small one. We mostly want to modify our car in a way that it will change the style and bring it to the next level of modification. You can find nice additions [...]

BMW E36 Modification Ideas – Classy Steering Wheel and Suspension Bags For Your M3 E36 Mods

BMW e36 m3

The E36 is one of the best sports coupe ever to hit the road and an all-time favorite of many BMW enthusiasts. Despite its brilliant engineering and elegant look, many E36 owners love to modify their ride to improve driving experience and make it look much better. If you are looking to modify your E36, [...]

BMW E92 Performance Mods – Unlock Your BMW E92’s Potential


Looking for ways to enhance your E92 driving experience? Unlock your BMW’s potential with these BMW E92 mods that will make your car look better and go faster. Here are some nice ideas for your E92 performance mods. You can start your performance modifs by increasing your engine’s capacity. Supercharging your M3 is a nice [...]

BMW E46 Mods – Start Modding Your E46 Too!


Just bumped into a guy with a BMW E46 and the interesting thing about this guy is the cool mods he did to his car in two weeks. With some simple BMW E46 mods, the car looks much better than its original look. Here are some of the mods he did to his BMW that [...]

Popular DIY BMW Mods

BMW Mods

Everyone loves to see a beauteous car. That’s why many people modify their cars. What BMW mods are in your list? If you are still thinking of the mods for your BMW model, here are some of the popular DIY BMW mods to give BMW enthusiast and first time BMW owners nice ideas at the [...]

Nice BMW E46 Modification Ideas To Give Your Car A Solid Look


There are an amazing amount of modifications for your BMW E 46 models. From exterior to interior, you can find a lot of available E46 mods for your great car. Read up and get some nice BMW E46 modification ideas to get you started modifying your car. Exterior E46 Modification Ideas Although the design of [...]

2008 BMW 335i Modifications – Thinking About Adding Some Nice Mods To BMW 335i?


One of the BMW 3-Series generations that look great is the 2008 BMW 335i. You will enjoy the masterful engineering and take great pleasure in driving this high performance BMW M car. The impressive power under the hood and superb handling makes it simply one of the best M3 on the market. Despite the fact [...]

E39 Body Kits – E39 Modifications To Customize The Look Of Your Ride


The BMW 5-Series E39 is one of the most powerful sedans out there. Despite its excellent performance and brilliant look, many E39 owners want their ride to look even much better. The E39 is one of favorite BMW model to modify. To convert the E39 into a unique stand out vehicle, consider some ideal tuning [...]

BMW Fog Light Options – Time To Replace Fog Lights!

Don't let cloudy and damaged fog lights ruin the beauty of your BMW. Time to replace fog lights!

If one of your fog lights fell off or cracked, do not just tape it of keep it looking like that. Yellowed, pitted or cracked fog lights can ruin the elegant look of your BMW. Do not let old fog lights take away the beauty of your ride. It is time to replace fog lights [...]

Angel Eye Headlights – An Upgrade That Will Surely Impress Your Friends

You'll be pleased with the Angel Eye headlights upgrade.

Class, performance, comfort and reliability embody all BMW models. Despite the ultimate driving machine’s superb features, sometimes BMW owners want more. They want to drive with even more style. One of the popular BMW mods is the Angel Eye headlights upgrade. Many BMW owners and enthusiasts find this an excellent upgrade to light up the [...]