Updating Your BMW E38 Side Markers

Are you looking to replace your stock BMW E38 side markers? Replacing the stock side markers with smoked or clear side markers will brighten up your side indicators even at oblique position and update the look of your E38. This is a great solution to get rid of that old amber colored side marker lights.

Crystal Clear E38 Side Markers

Replacing the side marker lights of your E38 BMW Series is actually easy. It may just take you less than a minute to replace and install it. But before you do replace your BMW E38 side markers know what you want to replace it with. If you want to make your car unique in every way, replace the amber bulbs of your side markers with stealth bulbs.

To begin with the installation, you will need to prepare your stealth auto replacement bulbs and just a flat headed screw driver. You will have to remove the old side markers first by using your flat headed screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver to the side of the BMW side marker light. There is a little metal retainer clip on the side that if you pull outwards the side marker will just pop out. Once it is out, unhook the connector by slowly pushing it back a little bit so that you can pull the connector out from the hook.

Your new bulbs have yellow bulbs in it and because you want style putting stealth bulbs are just appropriate.  Replace the yellow bulbs with stealth bulbs, but do not touch the bulbs with your hands. Better use a clean towel and remove the old bulb and replace it with the new stealth bulb. In some instances, you may need to flip the position of the bulb to 180 degrees just in case it does not light up since you may have just position it in the wrong way.  Once you are done just pop the socket back into the side marker. Make sure to twist it so that you know that it is lock.

BMW E38 on grass.

Get the connector and slide the side marker back to its place. You know that you have already put it in place when you hear it click. Line the light and put it back into its right place. You will hear it click and once you hear that, it just means that you are all done.

Your new BMW E38 side markers will just look new and stunning because you have taken out the yellowish color and light it normally has. And of course, if you are going to change your side marker lights, you can also consider changing your headlights. There are a lot of great upgrades that you can add to your lights, but of course it will depend on how you want and your style.


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