Repair Tech Tips: BMW Headlight Bulb Replacement

It is necessary that all you headlight bulbs are working properly since your headlights are very important for night driving and during harsh weather conditions. If your BMW has a bulb out, you need to replace it immediately. You can take your car to a shop for BMW headlight bulb replacement. Unfortunately, you will pay the guy at the shop more than the price of a new headlight bulb. Bu if you like to do things yourself, you can do it yourself to save money.

BMW headlight bulb replacement is not really complicated.

The problem for most drivers is that they are not that sure on how they can fix and replace a burned out bulb. Some would even just find a mechanic and pay for the BMW headlight bulb replacement because they do not know how to do it. If you are in the process of changing your bulb or headlights, better find your vehicles owner manual and see if they have specific instructions on how to replace your old headlights. There are also helpful how-to videos online to help you in your Since there are two different types of headlight housing and they are sealed-beam housings and composite housings, better know which one your car has.

You can do the right BMW headlight bulb replacement by knowing the model of your vehicle. Sealed-beam housings are much common to older cars. The bulbs and the housing are in one sealed unit. Composite housings are mostly used for newer cars. The design for them are more sophisticated and the mostly use removable halogen bulbs or xenon headlights.

There are two ways to get a replacement for your old bulb. You can simply remove your old bulb or lamp and go to an auto-parts store to get the exact replacement that you need for your BMW. Or you can buy your needed parts online. The latter part mostly is advantageous since you can easily compare prices from store to store and would be able to get the bulb that you need for your car at a much affordable price.

You can find how-to videos specific to your car.

When replacing a sealed-beam headlight, you will have to locate and remove the retaining ring and should remove a protective bezel or cover to locate the ring. When you have successfully removed the retaining ring, slide out the headlight and remove the wiring harness from the back of the bulb and remove the entire headlight as carefully as you can. Put the new headlight and place it back in the headlight shell. Make sure that the new bulb is functioning properly. To put the headlight back in place again, perform the procedure in the opposite fashion as how you removed it.

For a composite system, you will first need to locate and remove the wiring harness that is attached to the rear of the headlamp assembly. You will then unlock the bulbs retainer by rotating it 1/8 of a turn. Pull it back and remove the bulbs. Make sure that you do not touch the glass bulbs and handle them from the base. Rotate the bulb and line it up properly. Put the retainer back in place and be sure that it is working properly.

BMW headlight bulb replacement is not really that complicated. You do not need to be an expert to replace those old or busted headlight bulbs.



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