Repair Tech Tips: BMW Brake Repair

BMW Break Components

We all know that the brake system is one of the most important functions on your car. It is very important to keep your car’s brake system in top level performance. Well-performing brakes will keep you and your family safe. The stock brake system of your BMW are reliable for daily street driving. However, your car’s BMW brake components need to be replaced eventually to keep them in perfect working condition.

It is best to replace your brake components before they show indications of failure to prevent excessive brake system repairs. Regular brake check-ups are important part of good automotive maintenance that can save you money on BMW brake repairs. Inspect your BMW brakes every six months to monitor the condition of your brake system. Give these brake components the once-over:

BMW Brake Discs. Check the surface and on both sides of the brake discs (rotors) to see if there are any concentric grooves or noticeable defects. In case there are obvious defects, replace the BMW brake discs immediately. Disc discoloration is an indication of overheating and requires inspection by a professional BMW auto mechanic.

BMW Brake Pads. Inspect for uneven wear, damage or cracking on the brake pads’ friction surface. In case you find defects, replace the pads without delay. Many BMW’s are equipped with brake pad sensors to monitor the brake pads’ condition. If your BMW uses brake sensors, also replace them when you replace your BMW brake pads.

BMW Brake Drums and Shoes. If your BMW is equipped with brake drums and shoes, do periodical inspection. Inspect for the same types of defects as mentioned above. The brake drums should not have too much groove or deep rut into them where the shoes are mounted on. They should be worn equally and the friction surface should be free from protruding rivets.

BMW Break Sensor

You can check the brakes by sound. Since you are familiar with how your brake sounds, listen for unusual noises. Having dust or dirt on the brakes, loose pads or worn pads may cause squeaking. Rhythmic noise may be caused by warped disc. Constant brake noise and any grinding noise is an indication of real trouble in the brake system.

Severely worn, warped or overheated brake discs can extend the damage to other parts like the wheel bearings and the whole wheel hub set up. Worn out or damaged brakes will have trouble providing you the stops you need especially in an emergency. It is important that you get your brake components repaired immediately once you notice any problems. On the other hand, delaying brake repairs is very dangerous.

Also, doing periodic BMW brake system checks can expose underlying problems in the brake components that could sooner or later become really damaging or dangerous.



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