Overview Of The BMW HID Lights Upgrade

As darkness falls, drivers naturally switch on their headlights. Dark roads and tough terrain can make any drivers feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. Many drivers find solution to this problem by switching to HID lights for a safe and comfortable ride. The superb quality of HID lights makes it a great replacement for halogen lights. Many BMW owners switched to BMW HID lights because they look very nice on BMW vehicles.

HID Lights - Before and After Description

About HID Lights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) is the answer of headlight manufacturers to BMW drivers looking for extremely bright headlights. This new technology in headlights is powered by xenon gas. The xenon gas inside the HID light bulbs creates that extremely bright light. Switching to HID is a popular lighting upgrade for many BMW owners and enthusiasts. This is not only because of the brighter white light that it provides, but also because of its advantages on the road.

The halogen light bulbs have a small piece of metal know as filament. It glows and lights up when electrical current goes through the filament. HID bulbs do not have a filament. Instead they have a type of light bulb known as arc tube. It has gas-filled vacuum with two tiny electrodes. There is a gap between the electrodes and when the electricity goes from one electrode to the other end it creates light. The electrical arc sparks the metal particles in the xenon and creates a bright light.

HID lights are highly efficient and consume low energy. The intensified controlled beam is the result of the reflection technique, providing additional safety during night-time driving. That added safety is the best benefit of BMW HID lights upgrade.


HID lights are available in different color temperatures. These color temperatures are measured in Kelvin (K). The lowest color temperature in HID (3,000K) is usually yellowish and as you increase the Kelvin the color change.  Many drivers go for the white (5,000K) or crystal white (6,000K) color temperature. Some lights are restricted to areas only. For example, the purple ones (12000K – 14000K) are only applicable for off road use. If you want to go higher for that unique lighting, you will have to know first if this unique BMW HID lights upgrade is street legal in your area.

If you are looking to enhance your halogen headlights then go for the BMW HID lights upgrade. HID lights provide drivers superb lighting output and additional safety. Once you have driven with HID lights, you will never want to drive without its added safety again.


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