If You Missed This Year’s Bimmerfest, Your Have Plenty Of Time To Get Your BMW Ready For The Next BMW Event! (Part 1)

Hey! Did you miss this year’s biggest annual gathering of BMW vehicles?  The event took place in California and just like every annual BMW event, thousands of enthusiasts showed up to showcase their BMW’s. Of course, the well known BMW tuning and modding establishments were present to display their most recent work. If you did not make it this year, then look forward for the next Bimmerfest event.

BMW Event - Bimmerfest 2012

You have plenty of time for your next BMW enhancement project to get your car ready for the next huge BMW event. You can find BMW products that can enhance the look and performance of your car in a stunning way.  From exterior parts to interior parts, there is just a variety of options and add-ons to further enhance the best features of your BMW. Not, let’s take a look at some of the cool upgrades you can do for you BMW.

BMW Exterior Trim. A small detail can make noticeable difference. One easy and simple way to update the look of your BMW is updating the hood, trunk and wheel emblems. Bring your old BMW logo to life with unique BMW emblems. BMW emblems are available in a variety or colors and trims to match your car’s body color, interior trim or wheels. Matching the colors and trims of the BMW emblems to the overall look of your BMW will surely make it look nice and clean.

You can also display the BMW logo on the front of your car with Roundel Logo license plate or M Logo license plate. These unique license plates will add more character to your BMW. This is a nice addition to your BMW if your local laws on front license plate allow it.

Another thing that can enhance the look of your car is the BMW center grill trim kit. These center grill trim moldings will give the front end of your BMW a custom feel without reducing the quality of the factory look.

Bimmerfest 2012 - Battle of the Bimmers

The door handles of your BMW will look good with chrome door handle covers. If you like the elegant chrome-line look of your BMW, these chrome door handle covers will instantly add beauty to your doors and enhance the factory chrome as well as other trim parts. If you want to cover up some portions of the door handles that usually get scratched up from frequent use, these BMW chrome door handle covers are a great addition to update the look of your car.

These are minor upgrades that can radically change the look of your BMW in minutes. But if these small upgrades are not enough, you can always go for more significant upgrades to suit your style and get your BMW ready for the next big BMW event. Let’s take a look at some of the popular BMW upgrades.

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