If You Missed This Year’s Bimmerfest, Your Have Plenty Of Time To Get Your BMW Ready For The Next BMW Event! (Part 3)

There are various BMW performance parts to boost your BMW's power and handling.

Get your BMW ready for the next major BMW event with great performance parts that can make your BMW feel totally different. BMW performance parts will give you the best power to get more speed from your machine. There are various BMW performance parts to boost your car.

Actually, a new set of tires are a very good upgrade, and will allow you to use to the greatest advantage of the power and handling capability that your BMW already have. If you are looking to enhance handling and acceleration, getting new tires and perhaps light alloy rims if you are riding on stocks. With a wide selection of wheels and rims out there, you can find a new set of BMW wheels that will suit your budget.

To further enhance the handling ability of your BMW, you can get a lowering kit. Lowering the body of your car can improve handling and give your car a stunning look. In addition, look for some stiffer shocks.

High performance BMW intake and BMW exhaust are popular BMW performance parts to boost engine power. However, you have to make sure that you have them installed together because they work well together to reach the full potential of your car. A good air intake without the exhaust is not enough, and good exhaust flow is not going to be effective if not paired with a good air intake. For more power or top end speed, installing high performance intake and exhaust will surely give you the results you want for your BMW.

Other factors that can help boost the intake and exhaust system function is replacing the intake manifold and exhaust manifold, as well as using a wider throttle body for the cold air intake.

See a big jump in performance when adding these cool performance parts.

Some drivers add performance cams to go with the air intake and exhaust, and got pretty good outcomes. You can also look for any performance chips for your BMW to update the PCM to set the fuel and ignition system at top performance.

Weight reduction can also increase the power and performance of your vehicle.  You can replace some parts of your car with lighter parts made of carbon fiber materials. There are carbon fiber hoods and trunks are popular among car enthusiasts because of the unique carbon fiber material and light characteristics.

Of course, your performance upgrade will depend on your budge. It would be much easier if you have a set budget for these upgrades. If you are really want to see a big jump in your BMW’s performance, adding these BMW performance parts will give you the results you want for your car. With these cool upgrades, your BMW is ready for a show… ready for the next Bimmerfest!


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