Angel Eye Upgrade – Stylish and Adequate BMW Lighting

Mod your BMW E60 headlights now!For more than ten years now, BMW owners have been benefiting from the use of Angel Eye lights for their cars. Angel Eyes are the light rings you find outside the headlamp. So why are they called Angel Eyes. The simple reason for this is because they are designed with the shape of halos, the one that you see over the heads of angels. They were first introduced with the BMW E36 5 series back in 2002, and since then BMW cars have been using such design for their car models. Many aftermarket companies offer BMW headlights upgrades. The Angel Eye upgrade is very popular to many BMW enthusiasts. These enhanced headlights look great on BMW’s and made available in various colors to give drivers unique options.

Not so long ago, halogen lights were commonly used for Angel Eyes, however, they are now replaced with a brilliant bright white LED light source. Such light source eliminated the old yellowish glow of the halogen illuminated rings. Probably this influenced came when the popular xenon lights came into play. The combination of the yellow angel eyes to the white xenon headlights totally mismatched. But because of the LED illumination, the combination of LED Angel Eyes and Xenon headlights became the perfect combination in light technology.

After the introduction of the new Angel Eyes, BMW owners started to ask how they could also obtain such lights for their own vehicle, which also created the needs for more Angel Eye upgrades. With the demand growing and its popularity, more and more aftermarket companies are providing a variety of Angel Eyes upgrades.

E53 X5 Angel Eye Projector Headlights w/ LED Angel Eyes

If your BMW does not have Angel Eyes installed, you can also have them as they are available in kits. There are a lot of LED kits that features over 80 LED per halo, which can provide your vehicle with brighter and whiter type of light. If your car already has Angel Eyes, you can also upgrade it with upgrade bulbs with your preferred color and style. Most new LED lights do not require a lot of effort in changing the original halogen bulb, but there are still some car models like the BMW E90 that may need slight modifications.

The good side though is that there are a lot of videos uploaded on YouTube where you can watch a step-by-step process on how you can easily install your Angel Eyes no matter what car model you have. If you are looking to update you factory headlights with the latest generation LED technology, go for the Angel Eye upgrade.