BMW Upgrade Ideas That Will Not Break Your Bank

Simple BMW Interior Upgrades

Do you want to upgrade your BMW fast and inexpensive? For sure, every BMW owner wants to do that. You can actually find quick, inexpensive upgrades for your BMW. The idea for today’s post is to give you BMW upgrade ideas.

Some people jokingly say that the initials BMW means “Bring a Massive Wallet” because of the luxury car’s pricey parts and service. However, it does not have to be like that. You can find quality discount sources for BMW parts and accessories.

At brick and mortar parts store, BMW aftermarket parts tend to be more expensive. There are several reasons why BMW parts come at a price when you purchase them at actual BMW parts stores. Thanks to the increasing number of online stores for BMW parts and accessories, you can get the parts you need at discounted prices!

You can easily upgrade your BMW cheaply by searching online. Here are some great BMW upgrade ideas.

Interior Upgrade

The interior trim is one of the first thing other people will look into your car. It can be easily changed into a better one by choosing the right color that will help brighten up your interior. You can either have it painted or use carbon fiber to have a classic look of your interior. Replace the old BMW shift knob with stylish sport shifter. The BMW pedals can also be replaced with an aluminum type in a not so expensive manner because most cars use those ugly rubber types.

When entering a car, the floor mat is the usual overlooked interior part of the BMW. For example, the usual color that you see inside the BMW E46 series is a red or tan leather floor mats. By adding a shade of black on these colors will make your interior look much better.

BMW 5 Series E39 Angel Eyes LED Upgrade

Exterior Upgrade

If you are looking for an exterior upgrade, one great way to modify the look of your car is replacing those ugly yellow angel eyes with high powered LED Angel Eye upgrade. This is a great solution to those low powered stock yellow light. With this LED upgrade, your Angel Eyes headlights will be twice or three times brighter than the stock headlights.

Get rid of those ugly yellow stock headlights into a brighter 7000K LED Angel Eyes upgrade, and your BMW will have the most up-to-date look just like those modern vehicles out there on the streets. This LED upgrade will give your BMW a unique look that will turn heads and make people envious of your elegant car. With this upgrade, you will have a more reliable pair of driving lights for such an affordable price!

One thing to remember when buying BMW parts and accessories online, do background checks to make sure that you do business with a car parts dealer you can trust. So if you are looking to upgrade your BMW fast and inexpensive, consider these BMW upgrade ideas.


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